Starting Off On Beaded Bracelets


When you look at beaded bracelets you might wonder how such simple designs could transform into complicated designs easily. Complicated beaded designs raise intrigue among many, especially when they are marketed as handmade beaded bracelets. For those who are getting started they can look at simple styles to start off. It is easy to make attractive bead bracelet designs which are achieved by threading pretty beads onto elastic cords. The simple way to finish the bracelets is to tie a knot at the end in a secure manner. Bracelets might fit loose or snug on the wrist. Many are made with adjustable links or clasps. The advanced designs usually include chain links as well as clasp closures to create more secure bead bracelets.

Supplies required

Those who are starting off with handmade beaded bracelets, they need certain resources like:

  • Wire for beading
  • Beads
  • Clasp for fastening
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers that have round nose
  • Jump rings

These are some of the essential supplies to create a professionally done beaded bracelet. You need to use the jump rings with a metal link. These can be closed with pliers. You need to start off with beading wire that is 30 to 32 gauges in length. The wire needs to be stiff, but soft enough to allow loops to be formed on the wire. Here the jump rings can be attached. You need to cut the wire into equal lengths. Make the lengths as per the end product you aim to make. For instance, beaded necklaces need to be longer than beaded bracelets. Once you have inserted the jump rings you can then add on fastening clasp in order to finish the beading process.

Choosing beads to work with

Nowadays there are different kinds of beads that are available for making bead bracelets. Crystal and glass beads are usually tasteful choices than acrylic or plastic ones. However, for small girls the plastic beaded jewelry items look nice and are easy to manage. For older girls and ladies it is best to seek out more exquisite beads like that of glass, bone or crystal. The beads usually come in different colors, patterns or designs. The shapes differ as well and can be chosen as per the end design you wish to achieve. The beading wire also comes in different colors or hues to add an effect to the final design.

Using a jig

Those who have experimented with beaded or elastic cord bracelets could start working with a jig on which bracelet links are put. Beading wire is wrapped on pegs in order to create different bracelet links. Often stiff wire is used which can hold the shape. Beads usually are strung on wires that are shaped on the jig. This is a procedure used when you are creating charms that are a category of bead bracelets and popular among many fashion outlets.