Spotlight Designer Engagement Rings


What separates top designer engagement rings from the mass market? The quality of the stones and metals, the precision of the craftsmanship, the perfection and artistry of the design, and the individual attention to detail are the hallmarks of excellence. A close look at these leading designers show why they are among the best of the best.


Kwiat creates impeccable designer diamond engagement rings on Madison Avenue in New York City and has built a reputation for its signature city aesthetic. This multi-generational family-owned designer brand lets the diamonds take center stage with a sense of open, bright airiness. The clean lines and intrinsic precision of a Kwiat engagement ring celebrates the structure without being weighed down, and leaves you breathlessly falling into the brilliant diamond depths. These top designer engagement rings are modern marvels with a touch of sweetness and a deliberate femininity with pops of color, peeks of skin, and stunning soul of exceptional diamond brilliance.


When French designer jewelry powerhouse Orest Group came to the US in the 1980's, they resolved to bring a new level of quality to fine jewelry. Named Memoire for a precious memory, this designer brand emphasized high-quality metals and high-density extrusion techniques and set a luxury standard of pure excellence. Memoire designer diamond engagement rings are a bold mix of modern and vintage with strong romantic notes, this top designer brand makes diamond engagement ring magic that will stand the test of time and carry your memories into the future.

Penny Preville

Shooting on the designer engagement ring scene in 1978, Penny Preville is an award-winning designer with a clear luxury aesthetic and a keen focus on wearability and fashion. Her designs feature strong, dynamic shapes harkening to vintage styles with a modern intensity. Beautifully detailed with a hint of whimsy, Penny Preville designs evoke a Romance-era majesty built on a contemporary foundation. This top engagement ring designer holds nothing back, displaying fine details and layered tiers of icy brilliance to create the ideal engagement ring for a modern-day queen taking the future by storm.

Furrer Jacot

One look at a Furrer Jacot design, and you'll know, there is nothing else quite like it. This top Swiss designer is a name worldwide for quality and craftsmanship. Furrer Jacot offers exclusive collection that redefine the solitaire, turing the “plane jane” of engagement rings into a designer creation of impeccable creativity and grace. The richly embellished settings never lose their delicacy but instead seem to grow like a diamond flower into elegant and sublime beauty.

Find your perfect designer engagement ring from the signature collections and breathtaking designs of these top engagement ring designers. Designer engagement rings offer the finest in artistry, quality and craftsmanship for the treasured symbol of love you'll cherish forever.