Sneak Peak Styling You Pearl Collar Necklace


Nudge, nudge, hint, hint; you can be expecting a wonderful pearl collar in your January subscription box! This will be a great accessory this month, considering the fact that most of us will still be bundled up-at least more than usual. There is definitely various ways to make those wool layers of yours feel fashionable.

There's always the traditional expectation of wearing a collar necklace with, well, your collar. It will be easy to dress up a button up under your sweater. It's an unexpected, fun way to update your professional wardrobe.

Making your pearl collar the main event is also a great way to make the style work for you. A boat-neck top with your collar necklace is a great way to visually break up your look.

Use your pearl collar as a way to dress up your everyday basics. Got a little black dress that seemed a little too simple? Or a basic long-sleeved shirt. I love dressing up through jewelry and accessories.

Give your sporty-look a feminine punch. Pearls are quite a feminine accessory. A t-shirt and jeans is transformed with a touch of pearl. Just imagine! A menswear-inspired look can go from drab to fab with just a couple of changes.

There's always the option of getting one step ahead of the game by stacking your best pieces. Pearls with hints of silver chains have a nice affect when put together. Through your pearl collar necklace from your subscription box on, along with a few of your favorite other necklaces. Varying lengths visually elongates your neck.

Try pairing your pearl collar with a deep v-neck sweater. You'll bring the perfect amount of attention to a sexy, delicate part of your body. You don't have to be revealing to be and feel truly sexy. What is it about showing just a sliver of skin? It's so sexy yet extremely subtle.

Having your necklace follow along the curve of a scoop neck ensemble really plays with the spacing in an outfit. Imagine this same look without a similar neck piece. It just wouldn't be the same, and frankly it would throw off the entire look. When in doubt, what would the fabulous Olivia Palermo do?