Smart Ways TO Look Sensuous


What is the first thing you think in the morning with a coffee mug in your hand? What will you wear? Your wardrobe is full of clothes and accessories, but still every morning is a same scenario and same confusion. Getting dressed should be full of fun and energizing as you set you look for the entire day. There are few ways by which you can look stylish every day.

Your checklist to look trendy

Fitting outfits -This is the most important and first guidelines to look stylish. This might sound absurd sometimes, but make sure your outfits fit you correctly. Many people have closet full of clothes which are either too big or too small for them. Unless it's intentional, but make sure if you wear a big sweater you should know how to carry it.

Matching colors– The outfit colors you wear should complement your skin tone. Review your colors, bright or contrasting. Colors represent your mood as well, so if you are wearing a bright color people might guess, you are in a bright mood. If you wear a dull color, it might symbolize your dull mood. Choose your colors accordingly to suit your mood.

Complementary – Does your outfit compliment your figure? Not only your sexiest one piece, but every collection in your closet should complement your figure to make you look more sexy.

Balance – Does your outfits balance with your ornament? Is it confusing you? Too many jewellery or contrasting colors. Wear your accessories which suit your outfits, do not overpower yourself with too many accessories. Matching your accessories with your outfits can be a tough job, here are few points by which you can match your accessories with your outfit.

Accessories can make or ruin your looks therefore, while choosing your fashion frills consider color, scale and style of the pieces and keep the occasion in your mind


Color plays an important role

If you wear black, white or other neutrals ornaments of any color will look stylish, but if you are wearing a colorful outfit make sure the color of your frills don't clash. Primary colors which are red, blue and yellow and secondary colors which are made by mixing the primary colors. They go very well together when matched together. If you decide to make a style statement, you can use primary and secondary colors which go side by side. You need to figure out which colors suits you., but do not mix more than three colors altogether.

Styling with your accessories

These impeccable additions define your style. A simple white shirt with blue jeans paired with fashionable jewellery will look glamorous. Few accessories are common one, glamorous additions, playful ornaments etc. you can choose from the many choices that suit you best.


Scaling your accessories is important too. If you opt for wearing patterns, simple additions are the best option. Wearing heavy ornaments can make you look messy.

Your closet might be full of clothes and accessories, but selecting a right one in the right place is quite tough work. Whenever, you choose an outfit make sure, it fits you and defines your figure. Color contrasting is also important, pick colors which complements your skin tone.