Silver Jewelry Contemporary Designs Reveal Chinese Soul


Precious metals are the gems when used in jewelry. However, design is the main element that distinguishes each jewelry piece. The quality and character of the design highlights the craftsmanship. Today china's jewelry and gem industry have come with enormous collections of silver designs and there is tremendous progress. The consumer market is now charmed with Chinese designers and their craftsmanship skills. In fact, the jewelry express Chinese soul as it shares the cultural identity bond from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

The contemporary jewelry includes dangling hair ornaments to splendid crowns and jade pendants, while all these silver jewelry were Chinese people personal adornment and was a part of the Chinese royal families to ordinary citizens. Chinese craftsmen are now masters of jewelry design as they are continuously developing their skills by applying innovations.

The Chinese and gem industry observed an upswing in the recent decades and the jewelry markets acquired professional degree programs and training in design that they have their own manufacturing and design departments serving an expanding market. Jewelry competitions are also created aiming to nurture the young talents. Chinese artists are studying overseas the manufacturing of western jewelry.

The domestic consumers appreciate the Chinese designs as it represents the Chinese soul. The pieces reveal cultural inheritance and that is acquired only by native experience is believed. The truth cannot be denied that there are no fundamental changes in the Chinese culture core values even today and this is apparent in the silver jewelry distinctness. This understanding of Chinese culture gets incorporated naturally as traditional designs into silver jewelry. The message passed on by a jewelry piece presents a combination of Chinese design.

The contemporary silver jewelry includes different chains, pendants, locket rings, ear rings, rings, brooches, bracelets, bangles and lots more. Each silver jewelry piece made by Chinese craftsman symbolize the virtue and influence others.

A recent trend of silver is to incorporate dragons, bamboo, the phoenix and Chinese characters in their products. They believe jewelry is a novel way of interpreting culture and china reveals beautiful jewelry designs marking its glory.

Many designers generate new concepts fusing contemporary luxury design and the native traditions. Some of the common themes include paper cutting, lattice patterns, peonies and Manchurian motifs. Even today the lock design is highly preferred and it is believed to be a symbol of security, longevity and good health in Chinese culture.

China has a history of using silver and gold in designs. Certainly, gold dominates the market. But, today very few are able to practice the craftsmanship that is time-consuming. Yet the mainland China's luxury market is encouraging classic techniques adoption with ease. This is the reason; you can find lots of silver in unique designs symbolizing everyone's wishes.

Silver is now widely accepted as a precious metal for jewelry and with the Chinese designs; these pieces have taken to new heights. Chinese designers use many sources of inspiration including paintings, fairy tales and poems.