Silver Jewellery For Punjabis Festival


13th January the day before Makar – Sankranti is the festival called lohri. It is the festival of joy and happiness! On this, festival Punjabi families celebrate the night by lighting bonfire.

Also, the newly married brides and ladies enjoy the day by wearing bright clothes commonly Patiala's and kurtis. They also love to embellish their traditional look by wearing shimmering pair of silver jewellery!

Perfect stacks of bangles or heavy silver necklace, she loves to highlight her persona with the sheen of metal! After preparing and getting herself ready with the costume she loves to dance on the beats of dhol!

We all know that gidda is the regional dance of Punjabis and they love to perform gidda and bhangra on their festivals! The spark and charm of this festival can be judged by the face of the ladies.

Popcorn, snacks, peanuts are all set to celebrate the cozy festival of this New Year! I am sure you are also loaded with your traditional outfits and jewelleries. Aren't you?

From maang-tikas to heavy traditional jhumkas she knows to carry herself on occasions and celebrations! Some of the main highlighter trinkets which sparkles your face on this festival are:

Traditional Heavy Earrings

There are many earrings which suits your lohri's outfits! Being you is a girl of young age or a beautiful bride the bag of ear accessories have much stock filled!

Chunky Bangles

Every lady love bangles. It suits and personifies your look on any occasion and festival! Some loves to wear quantity of bangles but some love to attire just a single heavy and beautiful silver bracelet!

Sparkling Necklace

Last but not the least your whole look is incomplete without a perfect piece of necklace. Sparkling feature of your neckline can be highlighted with the dazzling studded neckpiece. Colorful gemstones necklaces, simple elegant pieces and running in th market.

You can buy your desire trinkets online also. Just go to various e- shops and enjoy your shopping!!

So, if you want to lighten up your look like of bonfire! Just select from the assortments of silver jewellery!! Dance, eat snacks, popcorns, enjoy the day by look beautiful and gorgeous. It is the festival which brings happiness and joy in our life. Welcome the Year 2017 with enthusiasm and prosperity!