Selling Beaded Bracelets For Women Customers


If you have a fashion accessories business, you need to think up diverse ideas and accessories that would appeal to a wide range of women customers. This is the major segment that is into fashion accessories and they are fed by the large volume of choices and items that they can choose from. This segment is highly diverse with different suppliers and artisans offering unique designs and ideas which come at affordable prices. Hence, if you are selling women bead bracelets you need to choose your ideas, designs and plan to target the right segments with unique marketing and promotion strategies.

Beads that allure

Women are known to love the shine of glass and crystal beads. These materials have enthralled women down the ages. If you are looking to make and sell women bead bracelets you would want to include such beads in your bracelet designs. There are beads of glass, crystal and bone that come with unique designs and patterns. As a result, when you are making beaded bracelets for women, you will want to add these materials to your collection and designs.

Different arrangements

Women would love to experiment, unlike men with men bead bracelets. While men would be happy with a single bracelet in their collection of fashion accessories, it would be different for women. They would want to buy different designs. They would want to experiment with different beaded arrangements. Hence, you would find that simple wired men bead bracelets will sell only as much, but with varieties in patterns and arrangements, you will be selling more volume. As bracelets with beads are cheap and inexpensive, women would love to buy different designs and patterns every time.

Targeting different age groups

The other way to make your fashion accessories business successful is to have something for every age group. Even if you are marketing, fashion accessories for women primarily, you would want to add on different ideas and designs for different age groups. Have light, acrylic beaded bracelet designs for the young girls. They would love to look at charm bracelets as well. On the other hand, women who are older would appreciate more intricate and delicate designs. These could be with semi precious metals or stones as well as exquisite bone or crystal beads. Again, wired and other arrangements and designs appeal to mature women more as they want to showcase novel accessories with their different work wear.

Marketing your products

Even if you have a small outlet, make your displays attractive. Get them on pretty stands and with lighting that showcases the sparkle of the beads and the stones on your bracelets. These are ways you can build the allure of your items. It might not make sense to invest much in promotional activities when you are selling inexpensive bracelets that will market themselves when you display them on stands.