Select Right Diamond Engagement Rings For Bride And Groom


Buying engagement rings for your wedding day is no more a task of difficulty. If you are aware of the key points which you need to check while picking the rings for bride and groom, half the job is done for you.

We are sharing some of the key points which you need to take care while buying the rings for engagement.

The shape of the ring :

Taste and preference vary from one person to the other, and so you must know the shape of the ring stone or the design your fiancee loves. The shape will decide the geometry of the gems and stones used in the ring. If you are planning for a diamond ring then Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat of diamond need to be taken care.

The settings of the stone :

The metal framework needs to be of superior quality for proper mounting of the stones. If the stone is of round shape, then it will go well with a bezel setting while a stone in oval shape will look perfect in a four-prong setting. Make sure to go for a right combo of stone shape with the perfect setting.

Know your fiancee preferred style :

In case you are planning to surprise your partner with the right selection of ring for engagement, then you need to know his or her liking as well. Take help of familiar friends to know the choice and if possible for the lady give an eye on the selection of jewelry. You will get an idea about the ring which she will surely love to wear.

Metal used in Ring band :

An important point to consider is the metal used in making of the ring band. These days platinum rings are in the craze as the metal is perfect for all skin types and durable too. The gold band is available in different colors like white, gold, green and even red too. If you or your Fiancee is having sensitive skin, then platinum will be the perfect choice for you.

Know your budget :

Diamond rings for engagement are now available in different budgets with affordable pay plans. Before you decide to go for the diamond ring, make sure that same is within your budget. Don't go bankrupt for a ring. If you want a bigger stone into a smaller budget, then go for a larger table as this will place a significant size diamond with lesser depth, on an affordable budget.

Select right store and collect warranty card :

Buying the diamond ring from a reputed store or a preferred store with friends and colleagues will be the right decision. Don't forget to collect the warranty card while making payment. In a case of any defect noticed within the warranty period, you will get free replacement service.

When you are all set to get engaged to mark the beginning of a new phase of life, select the best store to buy the perfect engagement rings to make the day even more special.

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