Seiko 5 Sports 24 Jewels Automatic100M SRP345K1 SRP345K SRP345 Mens Watch


The Seiko 5 Sports 24 Jewels Automatic100M SRP345K1 SRP345K SRP345 Mens Watch is a sturdy and affordable choice for them whose love for mechanicals knows no bounds yet are reluctant to invest the usual care or maintenance time. That apart, it is a piece that can be worn everywhere; it doesn't matter whether you are in the boardroom or amidst serious fun and frolic at the water park.

From the vast line of Seiko 5 watches comes the Sports 24 Jewels Automatic100M Mens Watch. It keeps true to the five components from which it gets its name; those are an automatic mechanical movement, a day/date display, top notch water resistance, an unbreakable Diaflex mainspring and a Diashock shock-resistant design. Together, they create a value for the Seiko Sports 24 Jewels Automatic Mens Watch that is much greater than the price tag attached.

The downside of the Seiko Sports Automatic100M Mens is you'll not require another watch for a long, long time after you get this one. Chances are – it will outlive you.

The Seiko 5 Sports 24 Jewels Automatic100M Mens Watch is different from the 'kids' watches' that are so common nowadays. There's no plastic or canvas in its body; it's entirely metal and runs on an automatic 4R36 movement that allows stopping the seconds hand for finer time adjustments and hand winding. It also frees you from the risks of it stopping abruptly and the burdens of battery replacements. The intricacy and the elegance of the Seiko Sports Automatic Mens are artful!

The Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels Automatic100M Mens has an easy-to-read face. There's nothing too fancy about its dial; not even numbers to clutter the view. Only rectangular markings applied with torch-like lume; it's a great help when it comes to tell the time. The uncluttered look makes the Jewels Automatic100M Watch an everyday wear.

To say the least, the Seiko Sports Jewels Automatic Mens Watch is built like a tank. Subject it to tortures like knocking against hard surfaces and drops from considerable heights, you'll be surprised to see there's almost nothing that can faze it! Above all, there's a double-clasp bracelet that holds the watch securely on the wrist.

Both the top and the bottom of the Seiko 5 Automatic Japan Made Automatic100M SRP345K1 Mens Watch features Seiko's proprietary, scratch-proof Hardlex crystal, which shows the incredibly high-quality built of its innards as well as gives a clear view of the dial. It's the crystal that makes the Seiko 5 Sports Jewels Automatic Mens Watch practically bulletproof. It is more durable and shatter-proof than sapphire crystals.