Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch


The Monster, as we know, is a great watch. Its style is readily recognizable; it's tough and dive-ready and at a price – if not throwaway – then certainly pretty much appealing. Those who own (or owned) the original Black Monster shall find their old flame rekindled with this Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Diver Mens Watch. It covers up the gap between the original Monster and the Prospex Black Monster. If you like bright, vibrant colours, you'll like it all the more!

Beyond the initial vibrant colour combo, the design of the Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Mens Watch is practical and utilitarian. The orange background greatly improves and increases contrast between the dial and the hands and shark-tooth time indices. The large and bold minute markings on the rotating bezel announces it Diver identity but overall, they keep things minimal and uncluttered.

The new Monster Diver clearly shows how Seiko has increased the value in their entry level divers! It's wonderful to look at, durable as rock and its functions are as smooth as oil. The second generation Monster is even glossier, with the sunburst orange dial adding extra visibility under dim light conditions.

Both the date and day display are present in the SRP313J1. A 24 jewel, hackable and wind-able 4R36 automatic, mechanical movement now drives it rather than a 7S26. Being a Monster, it is highly water resistant till 600 feet underwater and equally (if not more) immune to sudden shocks. It is ISO-certified to be so, including the LumiBrite luminous paint applied on the marks, hands and the indices on the dial. It is non-radioactive, charges real fast and retains the glow for hours in the dark. All these add up to a tremendous value!

In terms of accuracy, Seiko 5 Sport 24 Jewels Monster Diver Japan SRP311J1 SRP311J SRP311 Mens Watch is correct to +10 seconds a day; less if properly broken in. Its bezel functioning is effective; whether you are diving or heating or chilling something for a certain span, the bezel works as a countdown timer to keep track of elapsed time. It turns only in one direction (counter-clockwise) and resists rotation due to impacts and preserve reading.

When it comes to wearing comfort, the stainless steel bracelet of the Seiko 5 Automatic Monster Diver Mens Watch is very comfortable and offers a strong hold – thanks to the double-clasp system that locks it firmly at its place. That makes it safe to wear even upon a dive suit and the crown has been knurled deep to offer extra grip! It all feels very solid, durable and reliable – the kind of feeling that more expensive watches deliver!