Round Cut Diamond Guide


People of the modern world, prefer buying ring of certified quality. This ensures the description of the stone and quality as well. The legal assurance with the certified diamonds increases the market value of the stone piece.

Globally, around 75% of the diamonds which are sold are round brilliant cut ring. It is the most popular shape in demand in the diamond marketplace. It is a perfect shape of a stone which allows the proper reflection of light.

This in turn maximizes the potential brightness of the diamond. The ring appears brilliant and sparkles immensely. The round diamonds consist of 58 facets including culets. It is the most demanded diamond cut especially for wedding and engagement rings.

Benchmarks for the Round Cut Diamond:

  • Depth: Ideally, for an exclusive piece of round stone, 59 – 62.3 percent is the ideal depth of the diamond.
  • Table: The table percent for a round diamond should be between, 53 – 58. Table percent lower than 50 and higher than 69 is not of a good quality.
  • Crown Angle: It should be between 34 – 34.9. A crown angle less than 29 and more than 40 is a poor quality diamond.
  • Pavilion Depth: Ideally, for a high quality diamond the pavilion depth should be between 42.8 and 43.2.
  • L/W Ratio: The length to width ratio for a standard high quality stone should be between 1.00 – 1.01.
  • Splintery pattern: A tighter mosaic of light and dark patterns with longer lower half facets are preferred.

Round brilliant cut diamond is known as 'Ideal cut' diamond. With this cut, maximum brilliance can be achieved. It is in fashion for its brilliance, fire and size. Majority of the customers across the globe choose this high brilliance diamond for their purchasing.

These diamonds are the most expensive cut diamonds as it requires precision and great skills to cut the diamond with ideal proportions. The brilliance it gives produces excellent beauty.

Whenever choosing a diamond, the 4 C's are to be kept in mind. The clarity, color, carat weight and cut. The 4 C's will help you in guiding for the best stone which is to be bought and will help in detailing of the quality of the stone. This is a universal method of accessing the quality of a stone. It is considered as standard universal language about the diamond. The certified diamonds are the best to be bought.