Rolex Watches The Timeless Branded Watches That Still Are A Rage


Does it still sweat you when ask about your known famous watch brand name? Probably, it becomes the widest generic name for timepieces, anywhere on the streets, inside jewelry shops or department stores. When one mentions Rolex, then echoes the words prestige, quality and highest worth.

Rolex is one of the heaps of Swiss producers of timepieces and other accessories that are undoubtedly renowned for its grand esteem and incomparable excellence. Despite the existence of few watch manufacturing companies clothed with more prestige among collectors, Rolex Watches straight away get recognition for being the status symbol. Costing each piece from nearly few thousand bucks to a hundred thousand dollars, Rolex is hailed the largest and single luxury brand of watch, having revenue of up to 3 billion US dollars.

Hans Wilsdorf initiated the Rolex foundation in 1905 together with Alfred Davis, his in-law. Contradicting the fact that has been widely known, Hans Wilsdorf was not at all a Swiss citizen, and never claimed himself as a watchmaker. All throughout, he remained to dub himself as a merchant. Wilsdorf & Davis were actually the born names of what later on turned out Rolex Watch Company. They initially traded in Swiss movements of Hermann Aegler to England and put them in high quality casings crafted by Dennison and the crew. These first watches from Wilsdorf and Davis's firm were basically embossed “W&D”, only inside its caseback.

Wilsdorf recorded the trademark Rolex in Switzerland during the early part of the 90's.. The word was established and yet its origin was murky. One unconfirmed story, however, stated that “Rolex” rooted from the phrase Horlogerie exquise, a French word with an equal English meaning exquisite watch firm. Another interpretation revealed that the word was selected to specify movement when it is said in the English language.

The W&D Company set forth for the European continent, where Wilsdorf wanted to display his creation of watches to be within the means of most of the citizens. Since that happening up to the contemporary, Rolex has been mainly stationed in the city of Geneva, Switzerland, although the multi-billion dollar corporation owns some facilities across the continents and cities of the world. The name Rolex was officially registered in 1915.

Among the famous company novel is the case that is waterproof. It became the first watchcase resistant to water to exist around the world. They also initiated the first timepiece to display two different time zones in just one. Most significantly, they are the original makers of watches to gain the in-demand wristwatch chronometer certification. For the record, Rolex is still holding the documentation for the company, bearing most certified movement in chronometer, in the wristwatch category. Another less-known information is the participation of Rolex company in the quartz watch development. Though Rolex has designed only a few models out of quartz movements, their company engineers were still involved in designing and implementing the technology during the later part of the 60's and early period of 70's.

Rolex has also set a name for manufacturing designer watches intended for extreme sports like mountain climbing, aviation, and sea diving. Early models included Rolex submariner, where it featured a valve that is helium-released. Another sports watch collection is the Rolex GMT, which was initially created at the demand of Pan Am Airways. On the sensational side, the character of James Bond, Ian Fleming sported Rolex Oyster during the spy novels.

Rolex because of its high-priced feature that almost nearly a handful of individuals could afford to purchase one model; its models are often reproduced illegally. These Branded Watches are sold widespread in most of the Asian countries like China and India.

Rolex echoes luxuriousness and affluence. Yet with its equally priced high rank of excellence, there is nothing to doubt and there definitely is nothing to worry about.