Rich And Rare Adorn The Universe Polish Your Charm


Whether call it a Baju band or armlet or Angada or Ananta, the master point is that it is a cardinal component of a woman's well-known Solah Shringar.

Very less people are aware that this beautiful piece of jewellery which is adding feathers to the women's cap belonged to only men originally. Later only, women actually started this, and that too mostly women of rural areas. That time it bajuband was meant to wore in both arms. But as time passes, single armlets become trendy. Armlets first stepped their foot into India by the Bharatnatyam dancers.

Not only for adorning the beauty, but it's somewhere signifies strength as well. Most soldiers or warriors are seen wearing armlets as part of their uniform or war wear. Also the bajubands wore by Indians previously actually resembles the piece of jewelry that sculptures of Indian deities were embellished with! In fact, not only with Indian culture, armlets are quite famous with Greeks as well. Some Greek Gods' sculptures are also ornamented with armlets.

Might sound comical but it is a true fact that farmers also used to wear armlets previously. Even out of India also, it's high in demand. Some men wear stylish armlets during their weddings.

Most people must be ignorant of these facts and stories about these beautiful ornaments. But still one thing that one doesn't need to know about bajuband is that it can simply give your overall look a perfect and required grace!

Previously bajubands were available in pure metal only, but recently keeping public taste in demand, much more came into picture. It varies from pure metal to gem-studded to imitation metals to many more! The shape usually comes as round. To make it more exotic, shapes like that of snakes, peacocks, crocodiles, squares, etc are also added up in the list.

There can be cases where baju band is not vital as part of your jewellery and your look, but still adding this extra ornament can create an outstanding style statement for you! With this single piece, one can bring a charm in her/his look.

So wear it on your wedding, on festivals, in a theme party, with your ethnic wear, with your dress, or at a royal event, one thing will be common of all – The elegance that this finesse arm band will bring to you!!

Also for men, special and unique designs armlets are there to give a masculine appearance to them! So being a girl or a guy, just find an excuse to gift yourself this modish touch!!