Rado The Mastery In Materials


Rado timepieces are the true object of desire. Mixing innovation with excellent craftsmanship, these timepieces take accolades from across the world. The brand never takes back its steps to creativity and this has made it unique among the coveted Swiss watch brands.

Stepping into the world of watch-making with a commitment to creating something new, the brand reached the pinnacle of glory. Turning dreams into reality, it has introduced many watch collections that started a new era of timekeeping.

It always widens its limit in terms of innovation and creativity. The timepieces are the result of the brand's continuous research on technologies, materials and designs. It has got its first achievement in 1962 with the DiaStar collection.

It has earned the pride of introducing the first scratch-resistant watch. Since then, the brand has never turned back and achieved success with the introduction of high-tech ceramic material in the timekeeping.

The victorious journey of the brand is enriched with another breakthrough discovery – Rado V10K. The collection has made a distinguished place with its high-tech diamond material that 10,000 hardness on Vickers scale.

The brand has been the part of the changing gesture of the watch-making world. It seems that nothing can beat the steps of the brand. The content enhances your knowledge about the achievements of the brand.

Introduction of High-Tech Ceramic:

Rado has earned the true inventor title in the Swiss timekeeping world by introducing high-tech ceramic for engineering timepieces. It seems to be the best material that gives durability and comfort to the timepieces.

From 1986 to till date, this material has taken a centre stage of the brand's innovation. High-tech ceramic is versatile in appeal that provides both a shiny effect and matt finished to the watches.

The brand welcomes a platinum effect with Ceramos:

In 1993, the Swiss timekeeping world witnessed another innovation with Ceramos. It is a platinum coloured high-tech ceramic material that has started a revolution in the timekeeping world.

These days, the material has shaped with a platinum steel look that has enough features to give a sharp and edgy appearance of timepieces. The ability to adjust with any temperature makes the material even more desiring for other manufacturers.

Rado achieved the mysterious appeal with Plasma Ceramic:

Plasma high-tech ceramic gives a striking and mysterious appeal to the timepieces. With the use of the material, the brand added the pristine platinum effect to their look. Infusing the modern alchemy process, it has owned the inventor title of the metal. The watches made of the material retain the colour of platinum for decades.

Timepieces with sapphire crystal:

Sapphire Crystal maintains a soothing balance with its shiny appeal. The brand believes in its creative look and for this reason, it uses metallisation to lend an indigenous appeal to the watches.

Time to reintroduce hardmetal:

The brand started its journey of innovation with hardmetal introduced in 1962. The Rado DiaStar 1 was the first collection that was made of this material. With an exceptional hardness, the metal offered a scratch-resistant effect and it has stiffness even better than steel, gold and platinum.

Rado timepieces express a simple look, but in a stunning way. With fine craftsmanship and magnificent designs, they win the hearts of watch-lovers. Behind these majestic timepieces, there are seamless efforts of the brand to create eloquent watches for every age.