Radiant Cut Diamonds Make Great Rings


Radiant brilliant was introduced by Henry Grossbard in the year of 1977. It is a hybrid cut which carries the brilliance of round brilliant diamonds and the elegant structure of emerald engagement rings. Many fancy diamonds are cut in this shape. Pink and yellow diamonds are predominantly pear shaped in this shape.

These diamonds can be rectangular or square in shape. This engagement rings might not be as popular as the round cut diamond but it is preferred by many connoisseurs due to the unique shape and diamonds.

Radiant cut diamonds introduced the concept of branded fancy round diamonds. Born only 40 years ago, it was the first non-round shape which had a complete brilliant facet pattern for both pavilion and the crown. This pear shaped is known for having the kaleidoscopic effect as this has more reflecting points for light than any other pear shaped of diamond cut.

Radiant cut diamond has square or rectangular shape and the corners are bands. It is a patented pave diamond with 70 facets and often mistakenly called a Princess diamonds with cropped corners or Quadrillions.

The cut corners are the distinguishing factor for this particular ring. The engagement rings corners also help the diamond to glow more brilliantly. These diamonds can be used for solitaires but they are mostly used as the centre stone for pendants and rings. When set with trapezoid, half-moon or the brilliant cut shoulder stones, they simply look stunning.

Colour grade is an important factor to consider when choosing this pear shaped as any grade below J can cause colour accumulation issue at the corners.

Whether a radiant cut diamond will be square or rectangular depends on personal preference. A square shaped stone will have a 1:1 length to width ratio while a rectangular shaped diamond can easily have a 3:2 or 6:5 length to width ratio.

The colour rating and the clarity factor of a radiant ring stone is important factor to consider as they carry a large facet. This cuts isn't known for concealing flaws and inclusions so a radiant cut stone must be of high quality and have as few imperfections as possible.

Radiant cut diamonds are perfect for wedding rings, anniversary bands and engagement rings as well as high value pendants. You can consider the cushion cut diamonds if you like a square or rectangular cushion. Emerald cut, Asscher cut and the Princess diamonds are some other cuts which you can consider.