Quick Tips To Find Original Arland Ben Jewelry Online


Arland Ben is a Navajo jewelry designer whole diverse background allows him to craft unique designs. He started learning the basics of making jewelry at age 29 from Vincent Platero, his brother-in-law. He then taught himself goldsmithing and overlay techniques to perfect his craft. Today, Arland Ben boasts numerous awards from the Heard Museum Show and the Santa Fe Indian Market. Many of his pieces can be found online. These quick tips should help ensure that you can find and purchase authentic Arland Ben jewelry on the internet:


  • Find a store that specializes in Native American jewelry.
  • Look up American online stores that carry a wide selection of authentic new and old handmade turquoise jewelry designed by various award-winning Native American jewelers and artists. Consider a store that caters to avid collectors of this type of jewelry. Look up the background of the retailer. Some of the best retailers of authentic Native American jewelry are family-owned businesses that have at least four decades of experience in the trade. The number of years in business is a good indicator of a retailer's trustworthiness when it comes to selling original Native American jewelry.

    • Explore the types of jewelry offered in the online store.

    Arland Ben is known for his gold and silver overlay jewelry, which are distinct for their high-grade and rare turquoise as well as their manually cut overlay designs. Some of his most popular pieces are petroglyph inspired turquoise and silver cuff bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and bolo ties. Arland uses thick gauges of silver, and at times, 14K gold and high-grade stones.

    • Compare prices.

    Original Arland Ben jewelry does not have to be exorbitantly priced. Some reputable stores are able to sell his pieces at highly competitive prices because they deal directly with him. Verify that the store is an authorized retailer of his pieces, too.

    • Make sure the piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

    Every piece of Arland Ben jewelry must be certified to guarantee his name and tribal affiliation, as well as the materials he used in making the jewelry, and the retail value of the piece. This way, you can be sure that jewelry you would buy is genuine and that it can be a valuable addition to your collection or to your estate.