Princess Cut Engagement Rings Alternative To The Round Brilliant


Most men plan the marriage proposal and the wedding minutely. Buying the right diamond, the fitting ring size and other wedding essentials can be a crucial factor, especially when you consider that the time flies during these days. One must know the preference of the lady, catch her in a good mood, find the perfect ring within budget and then let divine intervention take place when he approaches and pleads her for an affirmative answer. When you want to purchase a romantic diamond ring within budget, princess cut stones are your perfect companion.

Princess cut engagement rings has a distinct square cut which makes them easily recognisable. These stones cost less than round brilliant but are equally bright and sparkling. Princess cut diamonds retain 30% more of the original stone, when compared against round brilliant. The shape is octahedral which allows maximum utilisation of the stone's body. In today's market, an engagement ring featuring a round brilliant cut can cost several thousand dollars. However, due to low cost of the princess cut stones, this cost comes down when choosing this type. However, before purchasing the stone, as usual, make sure that you are purchasing it from a reputable dealer, plan the budget accordingly and choose the perfect ring.

The princess ring is actually a round cut, however surprising that might sound, with a little modification. In came into fashion in the 1960s and in the 1980s the cut was further modified. The stone looks like an inverted pyramid in shape with the square surface upwards. It is very important to set up the diamond perfectly to protect it because the edges are not clipped. For example, in a solitaire princess cut diamond engagement ring, the stone is supported by four prongs at four corners.

Princess cut engagement ring is second in popularity after the round brilliant cut. However, due to lower cost of the princess cut and the fact that there is hardly any visible difference in the sparkle, this equation might get changed very soon. Princess ring diamonds are a better alternative when we compare how affordable it has made the diamond for the common people. If you are looking for a diamond which has a distinct cut, princess cut engagement rings offer a very viable alternative to the popular choice. However, the setting is important here as the corners of this diamond are prone to dents and chips.