Prime Emerges As The Largest Longines Watch Retailer In The Metros


The Prime Luxury Watch Boutique being the authorized dealer of luxury and premium watches has garnered a reputed name in the timekeeping world. Recently, it has been renowned as the largest Longines watch retailer in India because of conveying an array of the brand's timepieces.

It is no denying that Longines has acquired a strong position in the Swiss watch making world through its ageless appeal and elegant appearances. The timepieces designed by the brand essay the demand of the age through their innovative architectures.

The Prime-Luxury Watch Boutique, with more than 25 years of experience, has a wide range of watch collections. The most coveted brands like Omega, Rado, Tissot, and Tag Heuer and many others enrich the collections of the watch boutique. It offers more than 17 Longines collections that are wonders in themselves.

Each timepiece tells an innovative story of the brand that will definitely be perceived by the wearers. Be it an elegant woman's watch or a sophisticated man's timepiece, the brand has been successful in replicating the desire of the time.

The Prime-Luxury Watch Boutique has extended its presence across India. It has outlets in three most popular cities – Kolkata, Mumbai and Jaipur. The watch store has also been taking pride of being the leading retailer of Longines watches.

The collections like Bellata, Classic, Conquest, Dolcevita, Hydro conquest and a lot more delight the hearts of watch lovers through their majestic looks and extraordinary features. When it comes to deigns, each collection is distinguished in style and appeal.

The Hydroconquest collection conquers the age-old architecture and ushers a magnificent gesture. The Dolcevita collection welcomes the gracefulness of women through the timepieces. While the Saint-Imier collection takes back the classic charm of its traditional essence, the Heritage offers an ageless beauty of the brand's legacy.

The Prime Watches brought together an array of collections that astonish the watch connoisseurs. It perfectly justified the position of the largest Longines watch retailer in India. It has a strong foothold in three most popular cities in India – Kolkata, Jaipur and Mumbai.

The outlets in Kolkata:

The Prime Luxury Watch Boutique has a big presence in Kolkata. With more than 7 boutiques, it seems to be the first choice for every watch enthusiasts. You can find its shops at Forum Mall, City Center Mall and South City.

Prime Stores in Mumbai:

In Mumbai, The Prime Watches has 4 stores and each one carries the latest collection of Longines watches. Visit R City Mall and Cross Road 2 to explore a wide range of timepieces.

Prime Stores in Jaipur:

Jaipur is known as the Pink City across the world. The place is not only famous for its heritage legacy, but also for its ethnic ambience. It has recorded huge numbers of foreigner footfalls. For such popularity, The Prime watches has 5 boutiques in Jaipur that are located at MGF Mall, World Trade Park.

The Prime Luxury Watch Boutique emerges as the largest Longines watch retailer in metros. With the numerous collections and buyers-friendly approaches, it always remains closer to the watch lovers.