Pear Cut Diamonds Ins And Outs


Pear cut diamonds were not much common in the yesteryears. Rather the oval shaped, the radiant cut and the heart shaped were more popular. But with time women in general, especially the brides gravitated towards the unfamiliar and unconventional, diamonds that are pear shaped gradually started gaining some traction. A good thing about this design of diamond is that if fixed in a ring like a center stone will make the finger of the wearer appear slimmer and longer. An attractive feature of this diamond design is it has a close resemblance to a teardrop. Mostly these diamonds are fixed in a solitaire. This stone will hold via its own and requires no further embellishments. It has a kind of statement.

While looking for pear shaped pieces, symmetry should be of utmost importance. Both the right and the left curve of a diamond must be uniform while the rounded top must not be that flat. Symmetry in a strict sense dictates that the stone's overall design is pleasant to gaze at. Besides, one needs to ensure that the diamond tip must be sharp yet should be fixed in a prong, else it is likely to chip off.

When it comes to variety, pear cut diamonds are available in assorted types of cuts. Of these some have a narrow shape while others are wider. Often the shape of this diamond is dependent on the way it will be used. A solitaire ring, for instance, will need a wider shape diamond while an earring will need a narrow and smaller shaped diamond. It is perhaps the added plus of the pear shape that this diamond can be set almost in all types of jewelry pieces.

An important point to keep in mind while purchasing a pear shaped diamond is the bow tie degree it possesses. Bow tie means the darkened surface of the diamond which has a close resemblance to a bow tie. For ascertaining its degree, some personal inspection should be carried out on the jewelry piece. Taking the help of a diamond consultant will be a good idea. Its degree can differ from being an unaided eye to invisible or this can affect the diamond's brilliance severely. Although this is a rare case, but one has to be sure.

To conclude, it can be stated that a pear shaped diamond is a wonderful gem to have. Its specialty is it can be fixed on just any piece of jewelry. Owing to its brilliance as well as deviation from the general traditional shapes, a pear shaped diamond is an excellent gem to covet.