Our Obsession With Unicorn Lattes And Colourful Jewellery


We as jewellery addicts are on the constant look out for inspiration and this time around unicorn lattes entered our lives setting us dream pirouetting since.

Unicorn lattes made way as the ultimate health drink in our lives and a series of unicorn inspired things like donuts, makeup brushes, macarons and a whole lot of other things followed. The colourful visual is not only calming to but also makes for a good instagram post making unicorn lattes a much sought after drink. Maybe it will give your 5 pm coffee a break or will simply become your once in a while indulgence, both ways it seems like a refreshing drink that is full of wellness.

So how is it made? The ingredients are coconut milk, ginger, honey, lemon and blue-green algae; don't cringe at the last one yet. The algae give it the beautiful blue color and to make it look pretty, you can top the drink with edible confetti. Another recent development in the unicorn universe appeared to be of a unicorn dip which looks pastel pretty and colourful. So why are we gushing over all things unicorn you ask? Well, because it's so full of color and we are always crushing over colourful jewelry.

Speaking about colourful jewelry, it's almost summer here in India and we can't help but flaunt our multi-coloured baubles. The past season was all about tassels and we may continue to wear them this season too with an added embellishment. What may accompany are other fabric embellishments that are both boho and statement-ey. There also is a very good chance that pertaining to the current Instagram feeds flooding with unicorn everything, buying colourful jewelery online might see an upward trend.

We are thinking fringe bracelets, color crushing earrings or tassel necklaces for our summer vacay against azure waters. You can also find us dreaming about our summer ootds with tropical prints and coordinated jewelry or looking out for inspiration to capture that instagram perfect holiday picture. Trendy jewellery is a staple in all our ootds and colours are a big part of them all as they not only add a pop to your neutral outfits but also act as a contrast against color blocked garments.

We don't know if unicorn lattes were the reason behind the surge of latest jewellery trends but we can definitely confirm that colour is going to be huge. We obviously love it though.