Orient Automatic Calendar FEU07008DX Mens Watch A Truly Special Desirable Find


When buying an exotic watch, the first thing that comes into the mind of an average buyer is – “How long is it going to work?” Luckily, with the Orient Automatic Mens Watch, you will be pleased to know that it will stay functional beyond the year 2024. But let's be frank; it's not going to remain the perpetual calendar unlike now. If you do not mind adjusting the odd and even months (and also the leap years) manually after 2024, the Orient Calendar Mens Watch will ornate your watch collection for many decades to come.

At the heart of the Orient Automatic Calendar Mens Watch is a special mechanism that will continue to show you not only the current month, day, date and year but also any particular day and date of a particular month or year, till and beyond 2024. Dubbed as the Futura Calendara, it is downright bold to look at and stands out from the lot with its unique calendar functions.

The Orient Mens Watch draws attention with its uniquely busy dial, which earned it a considerably faithful following. Now that it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, it has become a rarity with an increased value. Those who are deeply into complicated movements shall find the Orient Automatic Mens Watch a pretty and cool piece, balanced to perfection. Even if you are just glancing to check the time, the busy dial is not going to impact it.

Who else – apart from those with a love for rarities and complications – are going to find the Orient Automatic Calendar Mens hard to let go off? First timers! While that might sound like being a bit too hopeful, but it's a fact. Shifting to a plain looking automatic from feature-rich quartz watches – to most – tastes bland; with the multi-year calendar feature, the Orient Automatic Classic FEU07008DX Mens Watch gives you just the right flavour to fill up your wrist as well as your mental taste buds. Credits also go to its very compelling price-to-features ratio; the Mens Watch gives you something very different to a watch collection.

The Orient Automatic Power Reserve Calendar FEU07008DX Mens Watch no doubt looks much sportier than any traditional mechanical watch and exhibits a more symmetrical design while exhibiting a restrained outlook. It is desirable because despite being a mechanical watch, it has been built to withstand the rigours of sports-oriented activities, including those in water though not at great depths. There's no problem in making it a part of your recreational sports activities; its solid construction nests wonderfully an automatic, in-house movement while a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covers it from top.