Omega Watches Researching New Paths In Watchmaking


Making watches with trendsetting ideas for more than 160 years:

Omega is a major Swiss luxury watch brand that has a rich heritage in making watches. Began in 1848, the brand has successfully and with consistent effort produced timepieces that breaks the usual way of watchmaking. Devices like co – axial chronometer is the invention of the brand. It assists in making every singular piece of Omega work without any flaw.

Their continuous endeavour in making their pieces world-class has made Omega far ahead from other leading Swiss watch making brands. Watch aficionados and buyers are always ready to experience something unique from the brand.

The name Omega is enough to attract a watch lover because of their huge range of mind blowing watches. Organisations like NASA have connected with the brand for their spectacular watches. In 1969, when NASA organised the world's first lunar mission, they decided to choose Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph to accompany their space scientist. This watch became the first watch to be worn on moon.

Every collection of the brand represent persons from specific professions. Timepieces hailing from Seamaster collection have gained accolades from watch lovers for making robust watches created especially for the skilled divers. The brand has re-launched the collection to offer an improved style that can be used both on land and the sea. The brand gives ceaseless efforts to maintain its rich inheritance of its maritime history with the pieces like Planet Ocean 600, Aqua Terra 150M, Diver 300M and many more.

Other collections like Constellation has in its store some amazing conventional timepieces that recognize the brand's classic and stylish watch making. Clarified and upgraded artistry makes the Constellation watches very adoring.

Huge array of collections to choose from:

With numerous watch lines like Constellation, De Ville, Seamaster and Speedmaster in their store; Omega is a brand that offers watches for every male or female user.


This important collection glorifies the brand with its iconic timepieces that have been made with unique materials and techniques. Constellation watch line is the twinkling star of the brand. It has sub collections like Co – axial, Globemaster and Quadrella under its parentage.

Co-Axial :

Both men's and women's watches are offered in this sub collection. Speciality of these watches is that they contain co-axial escapement. It is a unique function of Omega watches. The brand introduced this escapement in making watches to develop the working speed of their pieces. This particular function is modification of the lever escapement. It works with a system of 3 pallets that distinguishes the locking property from the impulse, averting the sliding friction of the lever escapement.

Globemaster :

USP of the Globemaster collection is that it has achieved the unique title of become the World's First Master Chronometer Watches. Made only for men, watches of the line have a bold appeal in them. Along with it, their orthodox getup and extraordinary construction makes them ideal for an adventurous male watch user. Costly materials like platinum have been utilized to increase the value of these watches. It not only glorifies the character of a dignified wearer, but also sizzles at its wrist.

Round structured dials are made beautiful with colours like blue, white and silver. Models combined with solid stainless steel strap and blue dial reflects the sporty side of a wearer. Leather straps are coloured in brown, black and blue. Watches containing brown leather straps have the maximum appealing ability. Golden and rose gold bezel improves the glamour of the watches.

The entire collection comprise of watches that have loaded with automatic movement. This movement is more precise than other type of movements. So, it is clear that Globemaster watches are more accurate than other watches of the collection.


This Omega watch line is considered as the maritime giant because of its solid and durable watches. It has sub collections like Aqua Terra, Diver, Planet Ocean and many more.

Aqua Terra :

Those who love military-like rugged watches, which can perform continuously in any circumstance under water, then Aqua Terra watches are ideal for them. Created for both ladies and gents, but the major portion goes to tough men.

Designed flawlessly, these watches have the Omega logo at the top of every watch. This showcases the heritage of the brand and also heightens the status of a watch user. Every singular piece is borne by sturdy substance like steel, ultra thin titanium, charming gold and variant two tone materials.

Multiple colours like grey, silver and brown has been used to dress the dials of these watches and make them presentable. Both automatic and quartz watch movement has been included in the pieces of the line. This is the reason behind the unfailing exactness of the watches.

Effective features like GMT, power reserve, chronograph, radium dial and others have been loaded with these timepieces to make them always at the pinnacle of their performance and also to cater the criteria of an adventure loving watch user.