Omega Seamaster Professionl Chronometer 300M 21230412003001 Men39s Watch


There are many among us who do not particularly like James Bond and his movies but their admiration and for some, longing, for the Omega Seamaster Professionl Chronometer Men's Watch is, well, admiring.

The Seamaster's elegant, tank-like built is easily perceived from its heft. The strong visuals owe greatly to the alternating brushed and polished surfaces. The stainless steel; therefore, gets a decent, handsome look, not the excessively shining, gaudy glitter.

The crown is signed and screws in and out perhaps the smoothest! There's not much use of the helium escape valve (it too has a sign; it is the atomic symbol for Helium) if you are only to put it under the tremendous pressures of desk-diving. The bezel rotates in one direction, its ceramic insert offering a nice touch with healthy bling. The other notable upgrade is the fonts are the same as in the Planet Ocean.

The Omega Seamaster Professional has a big fan following that was built on the merits of the watch and not the big screen. The diver and the wavy dial have now given way to ceramic bezel inserts and plain, lacquered dials; other enhancements also update the current Seamaster. These welcome upgrades turn the already-astonishing, classic dive watch into a blue, three-hander belonging to the still-upper echelons of luxury.

In the Seamaster, Omega presents a blue that's subtle but deep; enough to help you read in pitch-dark and modest enough to hide in the daylight. This is a typical move from the disturbingly bright lume many people feel proud of. You don't feel comfortable wearing something that glows so brightly in a social situation. The blue is itself a very subtle colour that is not as blindingly bright as a few others. The domed, sapphire crystal with ARC being completely invisible, doesn't allow the blue to be altered in any way. On its backside, there are engravings. The Omega trademark, the sea-dragon is there, as well as few other details.

The movement is a Caliber 2500 with a beat rate of 25,200 vph (7 Hz). It is essentially an ETA 2892 but modified by Omega to earn it the chronometer certification. Omega's co-axial escapement technology is in use here.

All that technology will bind to your wrist with a bracelet with screw-pins, not pushpins. The screw-pins make resizing easier. The clasp too is signed with the brand's name on it.

Overall, the new Omega Deville Co-Axial Chronometer is seriously different from the previous versions and vastly from the prior, classic model. If you want to add one (and just one) diver watch to your collection, the Omega Seamaster Professionl Chronometer Men's Watch is a technologically more advanced choice to go for.