Omega Globemaster Master Chronometer Precision Guaranteed


Omega has been pioneering the Swiss watch-making through its magnificent timepieces. The brand has given an example of its in-depth research by bringing an array of collections. It has witnessed various path-breaking achievements since its inception.

With the introduction of Globemaster collection, it reached the pinnacle of glory by getting the title of world's first Master Chronometer Watch. To achieve this status, the brand has used its 120 years of experience in the Swiss timekeeping world.

The Globemaster collection steals everyone's heart away through its awesome designs and spectacular technologies. The name of the brand presents a legacy of the timekeeping. With a fine craftsmanship and an intelligent styling, these timepieces are designed to embrace the wrists of wearers. Earning this Master Chronometer title, Omega makes a history of its 120 years of journey.

Globemaster sets a standard of excellence:

Each detailing of the timepiece has gone through a tough testing standard set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Getting the certification from METAS, the brand sets an industry-standard for other Swiss manufacturers. The Globemaster timepieces passed the rigorous test of real-life winding conditions and a resistant test to water and magnetic fields. The organisation holds a superior position in giving certification on the precision of the timekeeping.

The testing standard of METAS is based on eight important fields of horology that are described below:

1. Testing of the COSC-Approved movement in the magnetic exposure as strong as 15,000 GAUSS – the process tests the function of a watch movement by placing the object in two different positions in 15,000 Gauss magnetic field.

2. Testing of a watch function in the exposure of 15,000 magnetic Gauss.

3. Calculating the deviation of chronometric precision after exposing the watch to 15,000 Gauss – the chronometric precision of a watch is calculated 24 hours after the exposure of 15,000 magnetic Gauss.

4. Checking the average chronometric precision of a watch – the test lasts for four days; during which, the watch is being tested in 6 different positions by placing it at two different temperature zones.

5. Testing the power reserve function – it checks the power reserve function to ensure that the watch continues to be in active mood even at the expected limit of capacity.

6. Recording the deviation of Chronometric precision from six positions – the test is completed by placing a watch at six different positions and recording the deviation of chronometric precision in each position.

7. Calculating the deviation of the chronometric precision at 100% and 33% level of power reserve functions.

8. Testing the water-resistant level of a watch.

The above-mentioned steps need to be qualified to get the certification from METAS. Omega with its fine craftsmanship has proudly gone through all the process and it sets a new standard in the timekeeping world.

Globemaster – the Sophisticated Design that Makes you Spellbound:

The design complements the name of the collection – Globemaster. It seems that the dial represents the world of watch-making through its spectacular design. Taking an inspiration from the early Constellation model, the collection utters the precision and the performance of the brand.

The 39mm timepiece brings back the charm of the iconic pie-pan dial first introduced in 1952 with the Constellation model. Some timepieces of this magnificent collection are decked in silvery dials that have a celestial appeal. In addition, the timepiece clad in a sun-brushed blue dial adds a graceful touch to the complete architecture of the timepiece. These watches are the admirers of beauty that are designed to elevate your fashion statement.

The dials are circled with fluted bezels that give an indigenous character to the appeal of the timepieces. Leaving a trace of its history, the collection has already won the hearts of watch-lover across the world.