Nixon Time Teller Dark Copper Saddle Woven A045195900 Mens Watch


All you need is to just put on the Nixon Time Teller Dark Copper Saddle Woven Mens Watch once and that's enough to get you addicted to its formidably luxurious, yet the plain and simple style. It's an original Nixon design that won hearts right from the day it was released.

The only reason Nixon got started on making watches is because there was a frightening lack of wearable, aesthetically pleasing watches at an optimally affordable price. Hence came the Nixon watches that suit a busy and hectic modern lifestyle every bit, so much, that it gathered a fan base comprising not only the regular white-collar working class but also professional athletes and entertainers all around the globe. A unique perspective channelled into precision-crafted wrist-wears, the iconic Time Teller is an extension of the Nixon brand that fulfils the minimalists' dreams without too much of a fuss.

The Nixon Time Teller Mens Watch keeps things simple to the very sense of it. It just does two things: it tells time and looks good; so much, that it has become a staple in the Nixon line-up and it will definitely be in your watch collection. This is the kind of watch you can always depend on when you are unsure of what to wear in a certain situation or when you got no time to think and decide on an appropriate piece to go with your outfit. The Nixon Time TellerCopper Saddle Woven Watch is a tried and true piece that will never let you down. Be it any occasion, it will stand by you through it all!

It's a union between stalwart craftsmanship and classic design senses that makes the Nixon Time Mens Watch a crowd pleaser at large; it is not meant to appease the niche that pays heftily for something just to show off their wealth and apparent high tastes. It's every bit upper class yet without an uncomfortable price, the Nixon Corporal SS Copper Saddle Woven A045-1959-00 Mens Watch brings an elegant twist with tone rendition; applying more to its distressed-finish dial, set amidst a subtle, matte-finished case and a sliver of a shining bezel. Each represents a prominent feature yet sums up as a whole without getting into any kind of a stylistic conflict.

The Nixon Corporal Dark Copper Saddle Woven A045-1959-00 Mens Watch also stands as the brand's best selling timekeeper and the reason – apart from its sturdy, well-built looks -being its 3 hand Miyota movement from Citizen. That's quartz mechanism at one of its best; promising perfect, longstanding precision encased within a cool and sophisticated finish.