Nixon Quartz Sentry Leather Dark Copper Dial Mens Watch


For timekeeping in a timely fashion

Let this complement in both terms of functionality and beauty grace your wrists! The moderately chunky Nixon Quartz Mens Watch keeps up with the Nixon tradition as a quality product by any standards.

The Nixon Quartz Sentry Mens Watch is a good watch built better than the rest in its category. It's hard not to notice it; it has a plain yet rugged look that can't be ignored. So, the Nixon Quartz Mens Watch is paid attention; people argued about it but finally rested at a point – It works for both day and night. On a day to day wearing, you feel like you've got a leg above the rest. That's vital, for unless you like your watch some way or the other, it just won't see any respectable wrist time.

It is an all-time wear that ensures you never lose the track of time as long as the power source doesn't run dry. It is a piece that straps comfortably around the wrist; no matter what job you are engaged into. The Nixon Quartz Mens Watch warrants a lot of respect.

The Nixon Quartz Mens Watch represents how well hard-earned cash can manifest itself without asking for a premium price. It is an entire package that you can slap on with just any attire and consider the dressing done, even for the high-stress works and play. A single unified expression defines it all: A functional accessory custom-built to live a life well.

The face of the Nixon Corporal SS Gunmetal Mens Watch alone speaks ruggedness! An impressive colour applied to a very simple layout; the time, day and date are readable at a glance. It's 100m water resistant to handle the brine well; the analog quartz movement is simple and hence, trustworthy and tough. At 42mm (d) and 11mm (t), it's hefty to the point where it assures you of its comfortable presence.

The Nixon Corporal SS Matte Black Mens Watch has a lot to like about. One thing that might grab your notice (sooner or later) is the glass on the case is bent at the edges about near to a millimetre, bringing an old, classic charm.

This retro style is particularly a good match for men's formals and semi-casuals. Whether you are going ice-skating or diving (as long as it is not to great depths) doesn't matter; the leather will hold well if dried properly and given proper treatment following drying. However, it must not be exposed to water 365 days; for that kind of use, change the strap.