Nixon Quartz Chronograph Rose GoldPlated 200M Men39s Watch


You don't need to be a diver or a left-hander to sport the Nixon Quartz Chronograph 200M A037-897-00 Men's Watch. Just an appreciation for all the good things in life would be enough!

While rose gold slowly crept into the realms of fashion, Nixon crafted the Nixon Quartz Chronograph Men's Watch keeping the unconventional in mind. Absolutely alluring to them who are always in for a functional styling, the 51-30 chronograph is eye-catching – to say the least. This timepiece from Nixon is a chunk of stainless steel plated with rose gold and decked with some pretty non-conformist features, which are essentially the controls being on the other side. The handsome, easy-to-read 51 mm size is also the first one to launch the oversized trend, it's textured sub-dials bringing superior functionality during your active moments whether on the track or in the water.

There's a unidirectional rotating bezel (acts as a countdown timer for underwater activities; even keeps track of the parking meter) all right for it's essentially a divers' watch and so are the screw-down crown and a dual-deploying clasp to grip firmly upon the wet suit. It's wrap-around glamour with a touch of purposefulness; even the stunning gold-tone dial is made to offer max visibility under murky conditions, for how much ever stylish the layout might look, it is made to function.

The Nixon Quartz Rose Gold-Plated Men's Watch is a brilliant example of the brand's continued effort to grow and address the constant need for betterment in men's fashion in the context of functionality. For even the right-handers are going to get benefitted with the left-crowned perks by keeping aside the boring traditional look! This is what you call Destro' – A watch designed with the crown and pushers on the left.

Why should you consider this non-traditional crown placement? Firstly, the Montre Nixon Quartz Sentry Men's Watch helps you prevent wrist bites i.e. the crown and the pushers digging down into your wrist – even worst, in your wet suit – when it's bent in abrupt angles. If nothing else, that's uncomfortable.

Reason 2, the left-side crown renders the movement inside less vulnerable to treacherous environments. Besides, it also prevents the crown from getting caught on gear or zippers and help to avoid snags, which might sometimes prove to be dangerous.

The third reason is it allows easy operations of the complications with minimum stress delivered to the stem. And definitely, operating the pushers gets easier with the thumb.

All in all, it's a durable construction that makes the Nixon Chronographe Rose Gold-Plated Men's Watchnot just a sportsman object of desire but also theirs' who won't settle for anything less than uncompromising and unconventional.