Nautica Sports Navy Dial Chronograph Mens Watch For Very Dressy Romantic Evenings


The bottom line: The Nautica Sports Men's Watch is a perfectly handsome, everyday wear with added style and convenience, providing a remarkable value due to its distinctive appeal and a very sumptuous and luxurious look in quality materials.

Elegant and graceful, it would be wrong to place the Nautica Sports Men's Watch solely into either of the sports or the dress category. Rather, it borders both the territories and sets a remarkable example of being a quality wrist-wear despite sticking to the low-price range.

The Nautica Sports Navy Men's Watch is a multipurpose accessory, handsome on the context of finesse. Its dial layout accommodates the chronograph functions beautifully and its durable stainless steel construction is strong enough to protect all that goodness for many years to come. The pale yellow sub-dial markings stand bright against the dark blue dial while the rose-gold toned hands of the sub- dials suppress the over-sharpening of that brightness. That same rose-gold tone borders the lume-filled hour and minute hands and the date window (a perfect square; no, it's very slightly rectangular) and buffers the gap what just three lonely sub-dials would bring!

The grey bordering along the edges breaks the monotony of over-application of the same colour while it catches up again at the bold and dashing bezel, finely engraved with marks and indexes. It adds to the overall radiance of the timepiece, against the satiny, stainless steel background and flows into the very finely finished crown and the pushers, where it ends. The knurling of the crown is as meticulous as the smooth finish of the pushers.

Despite the luxurious build, the Nautica BFD Men's Watch is low maintenance. Battery changes are needed every two or three years; depends on usage of the chronograph functions. The watch has a versatile design and it matches a large – rather, huge – range of casual and formal attires; especially party-wears. Its blue leather band is a lot of comfort to the wearer. This adds another feather to the cap of Nautica Sports Navy Dial Chronograph NAI17500G Men's Watch besides its versatility and superb value. It's quite beautiful, rugged and durable, compared to many of its competitors.

The innards of the Nautica Men's Watch are simple; as simple as quartz technology can be, despite its added functions. It ensures a longer life and therefore, more of usage than storage. However, don't try to scuba dive or snorkel with the watch on; it will spoil the leather band. With once-a-month care, its life can be extended. However, to keep the shine of the watch intact, a thorough wipe every week is recommended.