Micro Pave Wedding Bands Are Great But Need Care


Any standard pave diamond ring has a large center stone and many smaller diamonds around it. Thus, the visible metal surface of the ring is either absent or minimal in this kind of setting. This setting uses small prongs to hold those smaller diamonds in place, around the center stone. While micro pave wedding bands are similar to these standard pave rings, the difference is in the size of the stones which are definitely smaller, giving it the name, micro pave.

If budget is not a huge constraint and you wish to have a ring which would attract everybody with their brilliance and beauty, these micro pave rings are ideal for you. They can hold more than 100 micro diamonds in place, depending on the particular design.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of these rings, like any other thing in life. In micro pave setting, the surface looks much smoother than any standard pave ring. As you would be using smaller stones, you can choose much more intricate settings and designs, compared to pave setting stones which use larger pave diamonds. However, the prongs holding them in place are weaker and thus, the tiny stones are less durable and tend to fall off.

Using a lot many pave diamonds can also outshine the center stone but if only one line of pave diamonds are used, around the center stone, then the border doesn't become proportional to the center stone and the band looks out of proportion. Thus, you need to have a jewelry design which takes care of both of these factors and you get a ring which you always wanted.

We have already mentioned that this type of ring setting is not as durable as other rings and thus, the handling of these rings needs to be more delicate. This is certainly not a ring for everyday use. However, if you want to use it on a daily basis, you need to check whether you have all the stones intact or not. Don't wear the ring when doing household chores or any other physical work. You can make these rings last long but only if you use it carefully.

Buying a bridal set engagement ring is a great idea if you wish to use or offer a micro pave wedding band. It will not outshine the glow of the wedding band if you have chosen a whole set because then the jeweler would design them in such a way.