Michael Kors Brecken Gunmetal Tone Chronograph Mk8465 Men39s Watch


The Michael Kors Brecken Gunmetal Tone Chronograph MK8465 Men's Watch is a sporty take on a stylish approach. With its gunmetal-toned case, face and body and bright orange accents, it proves to be an ideal watch for the man whose life is defined by 'activity', whether at his workplace or during the weekend.

The oversized Michael Kors Brecken Gunmetal Tone Chronograph Men's Watch is an exemplary piece that modern manufacturing technology can build, assisted with high-levels of quality control, at an affordable price. It fulfils the criteria of being regarded as 'luxury' – no, not the six-or-more-figures type, but the practically usable type you won't feel awkward or afraid to use every day. It instils that feel of comfort and confidence in mind that doesn't make you cringe when you accidentally bump it on your car door or a hard corner, with the scratch-resistant mineral crystal or the bezel facing it first. Or, just dropping it while wiping or polishing it by the end of the day!

The advancements in the manufacturing technology at the MK end have been spectacular; the Michael Kors Brecken Gunmetal Chronograph Watch now packs a lot of detail in its design, innovation and wizardry into its technical aspects. Still, it is accessible to all those who got a taste for the finer. It defines the vital points of men's luxury and definitely makes quite a positive impression.

The Michael Kors Brecken Tone Chronograph MK8465 Watch is a particularly interesting timepiece from all appearances. It is not like one of those ridiculous oxymoron watches that we see in reality. It doesn't just wear a brand name; it gets the marks too. MK proves that luxury is not about money alone. An attention to quality, detail, innovation and attitude is possible with a sensible price.

The Michael Kors Bryn Gunmetal Tone Chronograph MK8465 Men's Watch delivers all the elements that make for a sleek and impressive men's accessory; all the features you'd normally want to see in an elegant watch. Its distinctive advantage is it's an anywhere wear and carries a solid value at an accessible and friendly budget.

The hardware specifics are between over- and underwhelming, which they make possible with a Miyota quartz movement, a stock chronograph movement with regular timekeeping, 24-hours indicator and date functions from Citizen.

There is nothing spectacular about its making, but it is made to last and perform well throughout.

With a fair amount of water resistance, the Michael Kors Bradshaw Mini Gunmetal Tone Chronograph MK8465 Men's Watch is perfectly well-suited for recreational sports on land, water and under it. And you wear it to the office and the party too, its grey-tone being the leveller.