Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Gold Tone MK5605 Unisex Watch


Designer Michael Kors is an iconic name, also in sportswear. Functional American fashion is quite abit about the MK scene, also in the line of women's wear. The Bradshaw chronograph is their offering to the jet-set, get-go, ready-to-wear generation who need not miss out on the class for hurrying up the success ladder. Here, gender difference doesn't matter. All that matters is your statements and your position in the society. That shows who you are!

It certainly doesn't look like Rolex but then again, there is a far less significant price tag attached. The build and material quality exceeds the price, so the simplistic elegance instead of ornate decors. Ladies will find the Michael Kors Bradshaw Unisex Watch a nice match both with their work and party-wear.

The Michael Kors Bradshaw Unisex Watch takes a traditional approach for its aesthetics to incorporate its classic elements, including the materials. They are on-trend yet time tested; the gold-tone brings a playful spin on a boyfriend style! Together with its classic, stainless steel bracelet, it's a finish you'll not find accompanying too many watches in the affordable range. It's a dull, soothing, long-lasting gleam and an overall lustre instead of the sudden, high-polish flashes. It's a Michael Kors watch that will fit you everywhere! The Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Watch has a look that pairs perfectly with your outfits, irrespective of ornate or casual ensembles.

Men's watch designs play a vital role in the crafting of the Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Watch. It gives the timepiece the traces of classic watch designs but turned softer and decidedly feminine. The sensibility shows through the fine line where things stop and the balance gets even.

The delicate Roman numerals reminds of heritage timepieces while the smooth bezel and chronograph accents brings the dress/sports feel. A bold piece to add welcome polish to any look; it is sophisticated office style for weekdays and chic as an easy weekend wear. It exemplifies when simplicity and elegance combines with quality construction, it usually lasts a lifetime!

While no one will call the Michael Kors Mini Darci Chronograph Gold-Tone MK5605 Unisex Watch a true pinnacle of luxury, but it does reflect some of those olden characteristics. Its aesthetic authority is outstanding; it is unlike many other gold-toned watches that often appear too big or pompous if the environment is a different one. The Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Watch differs here by offering the elegance of gold and a simple, regular design that fits into almost anything!

Yet, it is a real eye catcher for its far-more-expensive look, which again, might bring a few unwanted queries.