Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch


The Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch timepieces are so favoured among men as quick-grab, on-the-go functional dressing accessories is not just for its incredible, out-of-the-box design. They are built to withstand the nastiest abuses amidst sand, dirt and mud yet take just a wipe and a rub to be back into its former shine. Its price tag is; however, not luxury.

There's no doubt about Michael Kors being competent in his own field; he is, in fact a well-respected name in the industry. A watch maker of recent, MK has come up with some very interesting designs and concepts, bringing in the luxury look at a less-than-luxury price. The functionality stays reliable and precise, the same way as you would expect in a watch from a much more expensive brand.

The MK Dylan is MK's one of the brand's highest rated, favoured stuff. The Dylan is unique in its design, with extra features and a lot of subtle details put well together. A functionality that is incredible simple and flawless, it's an excellent choice when you are less caring about your watch but want to enjoy it full tilt. The all black look goes everywhere except in very formal occasions. For the vacation or as a casual, beat-around watch, it is awesome! It's a stylish, classic chronograph format that's perennially rooted to stay constant through the changing seasons and their trends. It's perfect for wearing either in the day or at night.

It is difficult to single out the aspects of the Dylan Watch one by one. But together, they make it highly stunning and functional, beyond reproach. The Quartz functions with perfection, and so do every sub-dial, second timekeeping marker and the main dial. They work with precision and class. The oversized round case is 48 mm across (without crown), aptly suiting the dress-chrono requirements. The oversized display accommodates the classic chronograph layout well. If you are looking for in particular a large and simple watch, this one is for you!

The all-black get up is amazingly restrained yet it's dashingly striking! It attracts due to its lack of complexity and a resulting rich, glamorous look. The dial with fewer elements also helps for the lume-light to spread evenly throughout the dial.

Among other positive aspects, the Michael Kors Blacked Out Runway Watch has near-perfect functionality. The quartz movement is quite high-grade, perfectly functional and built to last and function for years without any human intervention. You can trust this model to give you a relentless service for years. From swimming to snorkelling; for recreational outdoor activities or just as an inexpensive everyday urban wear, the Michael Kors Black Chronograph Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch fits the bill like none else!