Men39s Jewellery Market Is Taking Clearer Shape


The concept of jewellery is strongly associated with women. However, men, from the beginning of time, has sported jewellery of every sort. Check the mummies of the pharaohs, for example, to see even at the dawn of the civilisation, men wore jewellery as much as women did. While jewellery is mostly worn for the aesthetic purposes, they have also been used for other purposes like religious, membership to elite society, as a souvenir, as a medal or even as charms to protect oneself from supernatural powers. Some of the popular choices for men in the jewellery section, in the modern world, are, however, cufflinks, earrings, bracelets, money clips, rings, watches and rings.

Among all the variations, the two-piece and the tri-colour rolling rings are seemingly very popular, thanks to their appeal and their individuality. Platinum and yellow gold two-piece wedding bands, along with the trinity rolling rings look gorgeous. These rings come within different budgets and also in every size. However, rolling rings are rather a late addition to the men's jewellery collection. Several popular jewellery designers are creating beautiful rolling stone for both the sexes. Shaun Leane jewellery collection has a notable collection of rolling rings, for example. The use of different materials, including sterling silver, platinum and stainless steel and different combinations of these materials are experimented with, regularly. These rings, and all the variations of these rings are available online as well. Tri-colour rings are generally made of 14k or 18k yellow gold but the usage of titanium and platinum is getting popular as well. In fact, other variations of gold, most notably white gold and rose gold, are also extensively used to create these rings. Diamond is not lagging far behind either and diamond rolling rings are gaining popularity due to their unique and precious appeal. These rings, apart from wearing on your fingers, can also be used as pendants for your necklaces or chains. Rolling sets and rolling pendants are also rather popular in different parts of the world and a wide variety of these rings can be found, with attractive designs and patterns.

Many different jewellery brands, who exclusively sold women's jewellery, are entering the market with offerings for men. Even during the global financial slump, the sales of men's jewellery online grew considerably. The market is still picking up and soon we might see even wider range for men to choose from.