Match Accessory With Your Dress


We are well aware of the fact that an accessory can make or even break the look. When choosing the right accessories to match your outfit, consider the color and style of the pieces, and also keep the occasion in mind.

Accessorizing can be difficult. Being a girl I know it's hard to find an accessory that matches to your look. Accessorizing isn't a rocket science, but there are certain guidelines which one should keep in mind to make it easier. Accessory makes our outfit look extraordinary.

A. If you wear lots of accessories, make sure they aren't competing for attention. Match your metals and colors so that your accessory looks like they were chosen with intention.

B. Pair bold accessories with understated clothes. If your wardrobe has lots of dark colors like black, beige, red, olive or navy accessorizing gives you a chance to play with fun colors and gives your outfit a boost.

C. Match your accessories to the color of your dress. Matching doesn't have to be exact. If you are wearing a red dress you can choose black shoes to go along with. This will add some funkyness to your whole attire.

D. Wear a color full accessory with a neutral dress. If your dress is black or beige adding a bright accessory gives your outfit a completely stylish look. Whether it is a statement necklace or a handbag or shoes.

E. Fashion accessories define your style. Some common accessories to consider, depending upon your personal style.

Classic: Pearl or diamond stud earring, leather clutch and black pumps.

Glamorous: high heels, oversized sunglasses, large cocktail rings.

Playful Accessories: head bands, skinny belts

Workday accessories: dedicated necklace, classic watch, shoulder bags.

Casual Accessories: candy colored bracelets or watches, slings bags, knee high boots.

Accessories can take any outfit from Drab to Fab. They can also help extend your wardrobe because you can achieve multiple looks from your one particular dress.

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