Mastering The Less Jewellery Look For A Kerala Bride


The wedding is a grand function and all guests' eyes stay on the bride and the groom. In Kerala matrimony, one of the most noticeable things is definitely jewels that is adorned by the beautiful bride. There is a lot of viability among families and people to see that how much gold is worn by the bride on the wedding day. Most of the brides these days are laying less stress on jewelry as they want to look like a modern bride and give less importance to jewelry and more to the fresh look. Bling is now becoming outdated and women are no longer interested in buying lots of gold. New age girls prefer the simple look and mastering the low look for their weddings.

Leaving old traditional jewelry aside!

Kerala brides are now keeping a distance from famous pictures of Kerala brides weighed down with gold jewelry and choosing the beautiful contemporary chic look with minimal jewelry. These days you will find brides wearing fewer ornaments and stressing more on their hairstyle, attire, and contemporary look in their Kerala matrimony. Most of the brides are saying strict no to the gold and likes to wear light temple gold for their wedding that matches with their dress. In fact, it is becoming a fad among brides to go for simple things, adoring themselves simply by statement ornaments.

Embracing new ideas and simplicity!

These Kerala brides are raising many eyebrows when they turn up with less jewelry for their wedding. Gold is considered as a nouveau-riche concept. These days' women like to wear a costume to enhance the bridal look and clothes, not to show-off. Girls are more inclined towards adoring the less jewelry and look their best on their wedding day. They like to wear kanjivaram traditional bridal saree, decorate their hair with beautiful flowers and stunning bridal makes up. If the wedding is on the cards for you, then always prefer your groom and your look instead of showing anxiety over jewelry. Malayalee brides believe in the mantra of less is more beautiful, that is why they are avoiding tons of gold that never enhances the bride's beauty.

Brides are following the latest trend!

Malayalee brides are becoming very smart these days and doing preparations for their Kerala matrimony keeping in mind the latest trend. Malayalee brides are choosing different color jewelry to match with their bridal dress and hairstyle. Gold jewelry is not very much in demand among brides as they like to wear something delicate that gives them sophisticated and classy look. They are not going for heavy designer gold and waistband instead they prefer fewer jewels that enhance more of their beauty on their Kerala matrimony. Most of the Malayalee brides are saying strict no to the jewelry on their wedding day and opting flower jewelry instead. Kerala matrimony is becoming an epitome of style and elegance nowadays and brides are making their own style statement in terms of jewelry and designing clothes.