Marc Jacobs Mini Quartz White Dial Rose Womens Watch


Maintaining parity with the rest of the Jacobs line, the Mini Amy represents the boldness and brio of the Jacobs brand. Embracing both the colours and charisma of the brand's unique image, the mini Amy embodies an eclectic and exciting feel that gives you the true taste of affordable luxury.

It's a distinctive bezel with the brand name engraved into it that catches your attention first. The Jacobs Quartz Womens Watch that exudes with a style that you do not come by everyday, which makes it all the more favourite among admirers of simple yet not-so-simple designs. In short, it can be called timeless, for the miniaturized form of the Jacobs Ami brings a time proven classic design in a more compact and petite form.

The Marc Jacobs Quartz White Womens Watch is a vibrant piece of accessory; it sports a fresh deign that's full of stylistic features and suits the requirements of a busy, upbeat urban life. From workplace to workouts, it is a watch that will accompany you everywhere.

The Marc Jacobs Quartz White Dial Womens Watch draws a diverse set of influences that range from pop culture to stylistically liberated rebellion, making technical sides sit comfortably with classic values of watch-making.

The Marc Jacobs Sally Quartz Womens Watch exhibits a chic, polished and petite appearance because of the logo-lettering on its bezel. Itspolished rose gold-tone stainless steel construction makes it pretty, yet tough; without flinching even a bit from being charming and sultry. But then again, its overall stylistic attitude cannot exactly be pigeonholed; it's versatile, tough and fashionable at the same time. It pairs up perfectly with contemporary, design-led clothing and other dressing accessories that qualify as your wardrobe staples and sets the standard for giving contemporary clothing a cerebral approach.

This cheeky, younger sister of the chief Marc Jacobs line is Infused with a saucy spirit that appeals to the pert and cool Jacobs philosophy. It imparts a fair amount of intelligence into everyday dressing styles, making it synonymous with a no-nonsense attitude. Perfectly suited for any fashionable lady willing to switch-on their culturally diverse sides, the functional, yet beautiful Jacobs Baker Womens Watch is an epitome of high quality and intricate details within a downright affordable price range.

It's an overarching theme that defines the Jacobs quartz White Dial Rose Womens Watch, which elevates it to the status of a contemporary classic!