Marc By Marc Jacobs Mini Amy Quartz White Dial Rose Gold Tone Womens Watch


The Marc by Marc Jacobs is a line of watches that are vibrant in appearance and full of style. It's all about a fresh design that represents Marc Jacob's bold spirit in its world of colour and usable art. The Marc line embraces and embodies a unique image, offering eclectic designs and styles and opening up an exciting point of entry into the arena of affordable luxury watches. Get chic in the most unexpected of ways; it's a different point of view the line helps you to establish.

The Amy watch is one of the most popular products in the Marc line; it is defined by its distinctive design and a timeless style. The Marc By Marc Jacobs Mini Amy Quartz White Womens Watch is nothing different from its elder sibling, only in a miniaturized form. The mini Amy Marc by Marc Jacobs is just a smaller version of the classic Amy.

The mini Amy brings a stamp of approval when you are within urban settings. Made from surgical grade stainless steel, it has been further streamlined to bring a more feminine appeal. It does it with the crystal dot markers; additionally, the embossed logo on the dial also pulls in to the game.

The Marc By Marc Jacobs Dial Rose Womens Watch now replaces the idea of classic and has become a staple for any Marc Jacobs fan. Those with small wrists may now breathe relief from the rather large size of the former Amy. It's far lighter this time and there's no need to spare the time for getting used to it. You can wear the mini Amy in a more casual setting and it adds a very clean look to your entire ensemble.

The Marc By Marc Jacobs Baker Quartz White Womens Watch delivers all that its elder sibling the AMY does. It brings forth the same intensity in style and impact that the oversized AMY delivers; however, the mini Amy is more delicate to look at and the transformation it brings to the wearer's look is a much subtler one. You can feel the change but can't see it unless you know the factors responsible for it. These include an etched, signature-branding on the bezel; a dainty, 26mm case, a round face, a white dial with silver highlights and crystal hour markers. However, even with its delicate looks, it doesn't need to be babied. It is pretty much resistant to shocks and you can take it to swimming or can shower with it on.

So, take a fashion-forward approach with the Marc By Marc Jacobs Mini Dial Rose Womens Watch. It will be a classic, luxe and unique cjoice that you'll be making.