Luxury Diamond Earrings Collection Look Adorable


Earrings are fashion accessories that add a complete touch to your ensemble, whether Western or Indian. Diamond jewellery earrings add a special feel to any occasion, whether it is your anniversary, wedding or a graduation.

The earrings that suit your face

Getting the perfect pair of earrings can make your face lovelier and more beautiful than ever before. If you have an oval face, there is really no limit to the kind of earrings that suit your face, from hoops and drops to chandeliers. If you have a round face, you can wear long chandeliers, slim dangling or long drops; the vertical and slim shaped can make your face look a little angular. Have a square face with a strong jaw line? You can soften the look by wearing chandeliers or oval-shaped hoops. Studs or broad chandeliers may not be the right fit for you.

Inspirations for earrings

Let's now focus on the collections you can choose from. The inspirations come from anywhere, and artisans or designers have often sought to seek their 'aha' moment from natural elements.

  • How about choosing a pair of earrings in the Spanish style? Earrings designed like a gown studded with diamonds and rubies or a Spanish fan made of gold and lined with diamonds would be a great idea, and lend flair. A brilliant Spanish rose studded with rhodium (black), diamonds and white pearls would be perfect for a tiny black dress or a shimmering plain saree.
  • Diamond earrings that draw inspiration from nature make for excellent accessories. A pair of diamond jewellery earrings made to resemble a flame would be just right for an evening out or a party.
  • Earrings that form part of the 'Jewels of Rajputana' are bound to cast a spell on you. Rubies and uncut diamonds would be just fine for a wedding or a traditional event.
  • Other collections that are inspired by royal heritage are jhumkas studded with emeralds, uncut diamonds or polki and made of gold. A pair of earrings with peacocks on top and a plume of feathers studded with uncut diamonds would also be an awesome accessory.
  • Earrings you could consider include those inspired by ancient civilizations and cultures, such as Greece, France, and Egypt among others. How about a pair of earrings in the finest tradition of Greece, with a pearl at the end and a wing on top. The wing is full of diamonds.

Are you specifically looking for a wedding collection in case your big day is round the corner? In that scenario, you can opt for exclusive full of only diamonds and not other stones or pearls. These can be teamed up with both Indian and Western wear. What better way to remember the most important occasion of your life than with a set of dazzling white brilliant diamond earrings!