Luminox Land Sentry 0200 Series Swiss Quartz 100M XL0201BO Men39s Watch


Distinctly Swiss, the Luminox Land Sentry 0200 Series Swiss Quartz XL.0201.BO Men's Watch sets an example of continuous precision and night visibility through a vintage-inspired design. Ideal for the sporting and the stylish alike, an all-black appeal makes the Land Sentry XL.0201.BO an apt choice for both the outdoors and the weekend night outs.

What was popular among military professionals and hardcore adventurers once now made way into the realms of urban fashion! The Luminox Land Sentry Series Swiss Quartz Men's Watch is currently a popular name among the fashion-conscious urban crowd who understands a styrdy watch is necessary if you want to enjoy your weekend adventure to the fullest.

The Luminox Land Sentry Swiss Quartz Watch is a trusted piece that's never going to yield. When extreme levels of adrenaline and testosterone are involved, you need an extreme level of durability and precision to back them up. The Luminox Land Sentry Swiss Quartz Men's Watch provides that and also doubles up as a status symbol, bringing a luxurious feel to a hardcore sports built.

The Luminox Land Sentry Swiss Men's Watch builds the standard for night illumination and visibility. Unlike ordinary lume that depends on advance charging through natural and artificial light sources to glow in the dark, the borosilicate glass capsules contain ionised gas that are self-illuminating and made to glow continuously for 25 years without a break! The Luminox Land Sentry Swiss Men's Watch is thus a great choice for them all who wants the lume to glow all night long, without having to press buttons. Surely, when you are driving or doing something in the dark that requires both your hands to stay engaged all the time, the Luminox Land Sentry Men's Watch brings a big relief.

Specifically designed for land use, the Luminox Original Navy 0200 Series Swiss Quartz Men's Watch runs on a Swiss quartz movement, offering time and date functions. It is absolutely safe to be used till depths of 300 feet meters and its rotating, single-way turning bezel offers a timer function, both for your diving and the parking meter. The case is made from carbon-reinforced polymer; it's tough, rust-free and an absolute insurance against sharp and jagged rocky surfaces, as much as its silicon strap.

Despite its entry-level functions, the Luminox Navy Seal 0200 Series Swiss Quartz Watch is a pro-grade tool that looks sleek, sensational and hardcore at the same time. For, a solid reputation for ruggedness doesn't come easy, even if you are using it just on the streets!