Love For Silver Jewellery


Jewellery is just a word but it has very broad meaning. It can be refer as decorative items which is either worn on body or attached to clothes. It can be worn as personal ornament and includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings etc. It is usually made from different metals like platinum, silver and gold. Many a time's metal also combined with different gemstones and has been turned as normal material to be used to make jewellery.

Despite of the variety of type of jewellery available in the market I personally adore to wear silver jewellery. I know one question is playing kabadi in your mind that; why I only love silver jewellery?

Well, I do not love to follow the crowd but love when they follow me. That is the reason I admire silver metal among all the other metals. Jewellery made from silver gives me a classy and rich look in my budget. The metal is also skin friendly and saves me from many skin allergies which happened to be by wearing other metals.

The classy luster, the gleamy shine and the latest designs of silver jewellery appetite me to incline towards it. Another and the foremost reason for the same is that it is easily available at affordable prices.

I am a student, though I am earning too but can't afford to buy costly gold or platinum jewellery. It doesn't mean that I don't want to attire jewellery. To pull me out from this dilemma the range and varieties of jewellery made from silver gives me the way to look fashionable without giving much pain to my pocket. OH!! Now the question is, do I always have to go out for buying by desire jewellery?

In this scorching heat, who wants to go out for shopping? Thanks to our modern technique now we can enjoy shopping by sitting at home. Don't get confused!!! I am talking about the online shopping facility.

The number of online stores opened for their valuable buyer gives us a chance to buy and adore their jewellery. Well, there are many. But, my habit is to try every online store. I am not addicted to a particular store as every store has its own benefits and facilities.

Some offers easy payment method, some have easy returns etc. But there is one store – Silgo which presents great variety of my favorite silver jewellery. Their assortments, collection, beautiful designs make me to buy more and more. Though it is a new store but its earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets all items are really glam.

I am not saying that you go and buy from silgo but at-least you can visit it and who knows it will become your favorite too.