Look Stunning With The Most Attractive And Lovable Diamond Jewellery


Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize, as the fashion gurus tell you! The importance of accessories in the form of jewellery can't be undermined. The jewellery you choose and wear can actually reflect your person style. You are indeed what you wear, in that sense. You should pick diamond jewellery designs that suit your wardrobe and the kind of statement you want to make.

Do natural motifs speak to you?

If you love natural motifs, the sky is the limit as far as designs are concerned. There are jewellery sets inspired by fire, flowers, river, leaves, woods, celestial objects, and peacocks. .Fancy a lovely pendant made to look like a flame or rays of light and made of diamonds, polki and gold? It will look lovely with any kind of outfit, Indian or Western.

Is intricate lace your style?

If you like to wear a lot of Western outfits, you could try diamond jewellery designs made to look like intricate lacework. Opt for a wide bangle in yellow gold with intricately woven strands of gold embellished with brilliant cut diamonds. Pair the bangle with a diamond studded lace pendant, and you will make heads turn!

Love traditional styles?

Do you love wearing traditional sarees or lehengas? You can accessorize Indian outfits with polki diamond jewellery or kundan designs. Awadh or Rajputana-inspired royal and exquisite diamond jewellery designs will suit you just fine. Jhumkas, bangles, neckpieces, go for them, we say!

Rajputana jewels symbolise the culture of the region, and there are many Rajput motifs like elephants, peacocks and latticed window patterns called jharokhas. These pieces of jewellery can be used for traditional Indian ceremonies, like weddings, sangeet, or other festivities.

Swear by Indian cultural motifs?

Jewellery in the Banarasi tradition would you suit you fine if you are smitten by the beauty of Indian designs, colours and richness of our civilisation. A pair of jhumkas made of enamel and polki set in gold with exquisite lotuses should dazzle and shine! Team the earrings with a pendant made of enamel and etched with an elaborate lotus with leaves for effect.

Want that aristocratic stamp?

Planning to pull off that aristocratic look, and have planned your ensemble right down to the footwear? Choose diamond jewellery designs that are inspired by the 'Jewels of the Crown' – regal, elegant, understated and classic. A pair of ruby red earrings set in gold and embedded with diamonds would just be the earrings you should be wearing with that fashionable international label you have just bought.

Wowed by romance?

Turn on the charm with diamond jewellery that has been inspired by Spain and its rich cultural heritage. Think of Spain, and what comes to mind? Romance, passion and flair, and the diamond jewellery you pick should capture the spirit!

For instance, you could choose a pair of earrings made of white diamonds, yellow pearls and set in gold, designed to look the flamenco dancer's skirt. Shake those earrings, and you can get transported into another time, another place.

Indeed that's what all jewellery should do, isn't it? Cast a spell on those who wear and those who admire!