Longines Men39s Watch Available Price Range In India


Longines has offered the classic grandeur of the Swiss making since its inception in 1832.Conveying the elegance of Saint-Imier crafting, the brand takes the timekeeping world to another level that is defined by aesthetic looks and creative architectures.

Both men and women's collections are awesome in designs that relish a royal touch of the luxury craftsmanship.When it is about Longines men's collection, an artistic creation circles the wrists of men, without elaborating any ornamental exaggeration. The content deals with the price range of Longines men's watch collection in India.

From 40,000.00 to 100,000.00 INR:

The expensiveness of Longines watches justifies the Swiss crafting. The starting price of the timepieces is around 40,000 rupees. In the above-mentioned range, one can explore a wide range of Longines collections that include Conquest, Hydroconquest, La Grande Classique and Heritage.Here some timepieces are mentioned below.

L3.660.4.76.6 – this timepiece comes in silver color that offers the excellence of the brand through its features.Designed for men's fashion, it complements your formal attire with a 41mm silver colored dial and a stainless steel strap. The features of the watch are chronograph and a date display feature. The price of the model comes at 72,000.00 INR.

L3.687.4.99.6 – the blue dial of the timepiece offers an eye-catching gesture to men's personality. With a 41mm dial and a stainless steel strap, it uplifts men's formal fashion with simple yet subtle designs. The timepiece comes at 94,000.00 INR.

From 100,000.00 to 200,000.00 INR:

In this price range, you can explore many watch collections like La Grande Classique, Elegant, Heritage, Conquest Classic and Master collections. Here some of the timepieces are mentioned below:

L2.673.4.78.6 – the timepiece is really a masterpiece of Longines in terms of offering superior features and advanced technologies. Offering a moon phase function, day-date feature and chronograph technology, it justifies with men's sophisticated nature. You can buy this timepiece for 195,000.00 rupees.

L4.309.4.77.6 – with this timepiece, Longines yet again proves that the simplicity rules the hearts. The 25.5mm silver dial is elegantly designed with the stone minute markers. With just a date displaying window at 3 o'clock position, this timepiece offers a striking impression. The price of the model comes at 120,000.00 INR.

From 200,000.00 to 300,000.00 INR:

Within this price range, you chose many collections that include Saint-Imier, Conquest Classic and Master Collection.

L2.752.5.72.7 – The timepiece is exuding the classy nature of the Saint-Imier collection. The 41mm white colored dial is designed with chronograph technology and a day date display functions. The two-tone stainless steel strap give you comfort while wearing it on. You can buy this timepiece for 268,000.00 INR.

L2.717.4.71.6 – Helmed from the Master Collection, this timepiece is decked with a 44mm white colored dial. With advanced features and a smart design, it handsomely embraces your wrist. The price of the model is around 226,500.00 INR.

Besides the above-mentioned models, you can explore an array of Longines men's collection in different ranges. The superior mechanics and fine functions give them an extraordinary touch of the Swiss watch making.