Longines La Grand Classique Watches Presenting The Traditional Spirit


La Grand Classique Speciality:

The name of a collection is its identity, which represents the specialities of a watch line. If a collection name is unable to define its characteristics, it means that there is something wrong in it. The La Grand Classique collection from Longines exactly identifies its luxury watches. It's not about the vintage representation of the watches, but also their timeless accuracy and designs that gives them a clear edge over others. The name La Grand Classique is a French pronunciation, and we all know that France is the centre of artistic excellence in Europe. Every French creation depicts its own class through their unsurpassed skill and unmatched beauty. The circular shape of the timepieces, bordered by exquisite contours represents the classic flavour. The focal point of the collection is its worldliness and subtlety.

The magnificent timepieces of this line look like top class jewellery with its finely articulated thin bezels, small hands, indexes and also the strong steel cases. The formal style of the watches is maintained by their simplistic appearance. The white dials of the watches brings clarity and also reflects the brand's catch phrase “Elegance is an attitude”.

Attractive Design:

The most fascinating thing of the La Grand Classique watches is its design. The case with closely located lugs is a wonderful quality. Surprising visual beauty is created by the absence of clear contact points and has become one of the major fortes of the watch line. Other than this one, the presence of ultra slim registers, Roman numerical and slender wooden hands give the watches completeness.

Accurate Movements:

Before buying watches, you should consider in your mind different facets, such as convolutions, precision and also the movements. There have been many debates among watch admirers since a long period about which is the most accurate movement and it is still prevailing.

Since the start of watch making, its movements have taken the centre stage. The accuracy of a watch depends on which kind of movement it has. Mechanical movements appear with dynamic parts that winds up either manually or naturally. There is a conventional essence that is evident through mechanical watches.

Quartz is a frequently used timekeeping mechanism. A quartz watch is charged by an electronic rotator which is connected by quartz crystal. Battery changes are necessary for these kinds of watches. Within the quartz movement exist digital watches. Leading watch brands like Omega, Seiko, and Citizen have patented their own movements. The La Grand Classique collection from Longines has both the automatic and quartz movement.

Ladies and Men's watches:

You cannot differentiate between a ladies and men's watch from La Grand Classique collection because of its similarity. The men's watches are comparatively larger than the female watches, plus they are very sober in their attitude due to their stainless steel or golden straps. The ladies watches are more intricate and smaller, with the inclusion of ring or diamonds girdling the dials of many models. Other than this, they also feature an exceptional two tone bracelet which signifies variety.

Precious Materials:

According to the needs of watch lovers and users, watch making companies research to create innovative timepieces using most recent technologies and top class materials. When you select a watch, you should always keep in mind some very vital things, among which the use of materials is the most important. The case, strap and crystals should be very tenacious. Stainless steel is the most well known watch substance; it prevents damage and blot so that your watch looks attractive for a longer period of time. Many of the La Grand Classique models have stainless steel material, while some have gold plated elements. The gold plated watches bring out a solid gold look.

Transparent Watch Crystals:

Last but not least, a watch crystal is a feature that protects the dial of watch. The sapphire colourless crystal or mineral glass crystal gives a clarified covering of the dial. The La Grand Classique features sapphire crystal glass material which glorifies the wrist of a watch user.