Longines Conquest Watches Resilient As Well As Sophisticated


Main aspects of Longines Conquest Watches:

Watches of this pleasant watch line are stylish with a trendy zest. The expertise of craftsmen is visible in the delicate delineation of the watch encircling the bezel and cabochon crown. The collection comprise of watches for muscular yet stylish men and women, satisfying the needs of a widespread watch enthusiasts and aficionados.

When we focus on design of the watches, it can be seen that these models are produced out of stainless steel as well as ceramic. Along with the multiple range of attractive, the Longines Conquest watches has a wide variety of dial size, dial colour and decoration. Some of the timepieces have been dotted with throngs of diamonds to increase their worth.

The flexibility and properties of the Conquest collection matches comfortably with the needs of most male and female sports personalities. Transparent sapphire watch cover assures that the watches are scratch-resistant. Gamuts of functionalities like chronograph, moonphase, dual dial and many more have been loaded with these watches. They combine together and make the pieces active like never before.

Available both for men and women:

Longines Conquest watch line contains both men's as well as women's watches.

Longines Conquest for Men:

Made tough with steel case and other hardy substances, the superb male watches from this watch line looks magnificent. Every single piece of this family is gleaming as well as distinctive from others. All the watches are available with circular structured case. Dial of the pieces have been coated with variety of proper colours like mother of pearl, grey, silver, white, black and blue. Mother of pearl is a tender colour that suits the wrist of a caring lady. Some models have the perfect combination of strap and dial colours. One model with black dial and strap colour is exactly suitable for the wrist of a bold watch user. A timepiece having mother of pearl dial colour suits well with the grey strap colour. Grey is a rich colour that produces a different level of comfort to the wrist. White dial represents clarity, while silvery dial flashed when worn at the wrist.

When we shift to the strap material of Longines Conquest men's watches, we find that there are four type of straps offered: 1. Leather, 2. Stainless Steel, 3. Silicone and 4. Two tone. Now we have to see the benefits of these strap types. Leather strap gives flexibility, stainless steel made strap provides longevity and sturdiness, silicon borne straps make the watches an essence of feathery lightness.

These magnificent watches have been loaded with both quartz and automatic movements. Naturally, automatic movement is more accurate than the quartz movement. The reason is that a quartz watch requires a battery to charge itself, but an automatic watch gets charged from the oscillation of the wearer's wrist. Water resistance function has been included in these watches within a range of 30 to 300 metres. This is an effective functionality that protects the pieces from getting damages caused due to water.

Cluster of features like chronograph, tachymeter, luminous hand, date display and day date has been included with these exquisite sporty tickers. Chronograph is a function that is used in most Swiss watches to measure the time perfectly. Tachymeter scale can be especially found with sports watches. It helps sports persons in adjusting time. Luminous hand dial is there to glorify the wrist of a watch user at the time of darkness. Date display and day date are the two date and time related functions that are placed at the dials of these pieces. They show the exact date and time to the users and keep them vigil always.

Longines Conquest for Women:

Female beauty and style has been echoed through the ladies watches of this watch line. Compared with the men's watches, dial of women's watches are slightly small. Apart from the steel case; ceramic, two tone and gold PVD stainless steel built cases are also offered with these models. Ceramic is a hard substance that helps to make watches strong and stable. Two-tone case gives a distinguishing and variant essence to the wrist of every watch user. Gold PVD stainless steel case is something new that has been used to make the watches gleaming as well as vigorous.

Round shaped case is connected with straps that are built with materials like leather, stainless steel and two-tone. Dials are made attractive with the selection of apt colours that suits the wrist of every watch wearer. Availability of both quartz and automatic complication helps the watches of Longines Conquest collection ultimately accurate.