Know More About Perfect Engagement And Wedding Ring


If engagement rings are what you are looking for Caratstyle can be the answer to all your questions, find here designer weddings rings and engagement rings. Remember that your proposal does not necessarily have to match your ring or vice versa, it just needs to be perfect for your partner.

Does she loves the ethnic look and done is more often than not? You know her in more ways than you know yourself, go back to those memories and figure out what kind of trends is she most likely to follow. A simple solitaire will do the job or diamond studded around an emerald will?

Well it's really more embarrassing than anything else if the ring is smaller or bigger than it's supposed to be especially when you plan an extravagant proposal in front of your closest family and friends. The thread does a good job if you can size her finger and measure the thread that wraps around her finger on a ruler. Go subtle just steal any of her existing rings.

How she reacts or behaves about her friend's sparklers matter a lot, it could also help tell you about her taste more. If she rants about hating it ` maybe she's hinting you to getting something bigger and better.

A lot of women today have independent lives , while jewellery should compliment her and her lifestyle, it should make her feel special too and give a message to the world – she's taken. Not every girl is a fan of the diamond stone, some like to spice things up with colored gemstones and trust me colored stones are marvellous and does well in the ever changing fashion world.

It's simple really, is she a platinum kind of girl or likes the pure essence of gold, also available in 3 different colors. Observe the kind of jewellery she generally wears and base your decision on that.

This is going to be an investment into your future and one of the most special days for the both of you, do your homework. When you plan a proposal make sure you take up to 6 weeks to select the ring, yes it is that important. Check Certificates for diamonds and hallmark for the gold weight used. If you're going for a pricey piece do not forget to get it insured.

This is one of the the last points yet the most important one, look everywhere and check out all styles , settings, and stones but stick to your budget at the end and find what's perfect for her within it.

All the best for your proposal and write to us if we could help you get that 'Yes'!