Keep The Loved Ones Close Through Attractive Jewelry Items


Cremation preferred over burial by maximum number of people. There are several practical reasons due to which cremation is preferred. It is high time to take a look at the way people preserve the ashes of their loved ones with the help of keepsake jewelry items.

Concept of pendant for ashes – been in practice since Victorian times

If the concept of pendants for ashes is new for you, then you should note that this idea has been around for long. The practice has been in action since Victorian times. You must have heard about people preserving a lock of hair from the person who expired. People have always been looking for ways to honor, commemorate and memorialize their passed on loved ones.

Even, you will be glad to learn that pet owners seek to do so when they lose their family pets. The concept is totally a new phenomenon. Cremation allows for more options with regards to preserving the ashes of departed. While, burials require you to visit the cemetery to be near the graveyard.

Necklace for ashes – gained high popularity

But cremation allows you to keep the ashes of your loved ones close by with the help of cremation keepsake like necklaces for ashes. This is the reason due to which keepsake jewelry has gained high popularity. Many choose to scatter ashes of their departed ones into a spot that is significant and special. While, others choose to keep a few portion of the same.

There are a wide number of choices in terms of keeping a portion of the ashes. For instance, keepsake pendants are designed in such a manner that will be able to keep a small amount of ashes. Even those who choose to scatter ashes will be able to keep a small amount close by as a sort of memorial along with for personal solace.

Keepsake jewelry – available to a large number of people

When it comes to cremation keepsakes, necklaces for ashes are highly popular as a number of folks are learning about this option. Due to availability of a large number of keepsakes jewelry is available today; you may find one as per your choice without much trouble. The concept is same as the one practiced during the Victorian Era.

But instead of a lock of hair kept into a mourning pendant, a portion of ashes is kept. At present, there are various jewelry items that are created from a broad range of materials to embrace ashes in a secured and safe manner. Pendants for ashes are exquisitely manufactured with the help of talented artisans.

Memorializing close ones – became easy

If you do not want the ashes to be visible, you may do so as well. The whole idea behind ashes into keepsake jewelry is to memorialize the departed and keep them close to you. Though nobody wants to lose someone close to him, but it is a harsh reality that everybody has to face. But keepsake jewelry items can afford you the opportunity to keep your loved ones nearby and close to your heart.