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Special occasions like engagements, weddings and anniversaries that last a lifetime take on new dimensions with meaningful jewelry. So it has been for ages and the tradition rightfully continues… Family heirlooms getting passed down the generations keep traditions alive, even though the designs may become old fashioned, yet values remain to inspire younger generations. When a couple comes together to celebrate a lifetime union, Engagement Rings matter so much and they had better be the best. Among a range of gems natural and synthetic, mystical diamonds score the highest marks, with charisma unequaled and astrological power undiminished down the ages. It may be hard to believe that diamonds are merely forms of crystallized carbon but that does not take away its splendid magic.


The fact that diamonds occur in several pleasing colors like pink and green may not be so well known since everybody likes to think of the white stunning crystal light reflecting and refracting surfaces. Besides, the cutting of the diamond means everything and decides its ultimate worth. With so much of fraud going on, synthetic diamonds that go through similar procedures of the diamond formation may be passed off as the real thing. They appear so much similar but cost much less. Reputed businesses may be trusted, along with a certificate that sets out all the details.

The metal aspect deserves close consideration since it will form the landscape for the dream ring. Yellow gold is often the preferred metal, though the other choices like white gold or platinum are often indulged in. Sterling silver does have takers too. If the ring denotes a lifetime of caring relationships in an undying flame of passion that may weaken over with the years, but never fail, let it be a worthy jewel.

Which looks better?

Work within a budget as most people do. Once the diamond colors and numbers are decided along with the preferred metal, it is time to forge ahead with designs. In a world that believes so much in DIY, custom-made rings are very much the norm. Customers specify exactly what they want. Engagement Rings come in a great variety and personal preferences would narrow down the search. Instead of a single large diamond, experience shows that several smaller ones work better, like not putting everything in one basket. A row of diamonds looks so much better with a scintillating effect. Contrasting colors like white and black diamonds? That appears shocking indeed, but reveals a classic grace. Pink and green, yellow and white could all be used in fancied configurations.

Importance of diamond

In a contemporary world where few value systems remain intact, diamonds continue to be symbolic of trust and fidelity and have graced countless marriages. Other gems hardly come close in popularity, may be more affordable, but certainly not as attractive. The romantic associations of diamonds have stood the test of time, having graced royalty as much as the local community. Though expressions are communicated in terms of technology nowadays, the supreme meanings of diamonds remain unsurpassed. 'Say it with diamonds' could not have a better time and place like today. Diamonds are truly in the moment and forever, a partner and a friend. The ring that would be cherished for a lifetime and beyond does need a lot of doing. It is hard to believe that one tiny ring could mean so much to so many, and particularly the wearer.

Out of Solitaire setting, Antique or Victorian, a bunch of diamonds, or side stone diamond – which is preferred? Each may appear attractive, but a firm choice needs to be made, that may take some time, thought and discussion. Budgets would help to identify what is feasible besides personal preferences. It is best discussed together and perhaps within the two families to make sure that everyone is agreed. Consider the significance of a ring that may be passed down the generations!

Round, Princess, Cushion, Asscher, Pear, Oval – the diamond shapes need to be decided too. Prepare for the light to spread through a blessed wedded life and Engagement Rings do inspire and motivate for ideas and philosophies, yearnings and lifestyles to flower for happy futures. The search for the finest rings or other profound jewelry online requires trust and reputations built up since 2005 could be the deciding factor. Customer reviews speak well too of Goldenet, a company in Australia that could very well make that subtle difference to married lives.