Invicta Angel Crystal Accented 0488 Women39s Watch


The Invicta Angel Crystal Accented 0488 Women's Watch is for them who are always willing to enjoy the finer sides of life without spending needlessly for it. This Angel from Invicta is a perfect choice in those aspects and its elegance is not all about its 18k gold plating. Its real beauty is in its versatility; its gracefulness subjected to the harmony between materials that are poles apart from each other.

Just one single point is enough to make Accented 0488 Women's Watch make it to the spotlight, which is – This timepiece adds the perfect finish to any given outfit! Invicta describes it as ethereal energy patterned in ways to connect time with style; harmonizing and balancing between graceful diversities brought about by varying moods, occasions and tastes.

The Invicta Angel Crystal Accented 0488 Women's Watch highlights the aspects of femininity without bounds; it depicts the brand's immense vision resulting in an affordable design that's both chic and durable. However, aside from the modest price, the Accented 0488 Women's Watch qualifies every bit as a fashionable timepiece that meets your every dressing need and preference to create a unique appeal.

The size of the Watch is perfect both for casual and elegant dressing styles. It ensures a perfect fit without sacrificing style and comfort; moreover, the 18K gold plating on the highly durable, stainless steel case has been laid to stick through thick and thin. Even on the bit oversized crown; the slightly large dimensions balancing the overall daintiness of the watch and also providing a firm grip for more accurate adjustments. The impressive accents and elements on the dial are laid with cubic zirconia are another factor responsible for its dainty, truly feminine appeal.

The dial of the Accented 0488 Women's Watch is Mother-of-Pearl; not any synthetic substitute with a pearlescent effect. Against light, it gives off a play of lustrous rainbow colours at different angles while the hands and hour markers remain luminous. An additional sparkle comes from the zirconia pattern embedded on the dial, bringing the Accented 0488 Women's Watch an extra dose of oomph.

Like the rest of the Angel collection, Accented 0488 Women's Watch also runs on quartz mechanisms for this special watch collection. In its case (pun intended), it's the ISA 2331F calibre Swiss quartz movement, accurate and sturdy at the same time.

The dial is covered by Invicta's proprietary flame-fusion crystal, which is built in the same process as synthetic gemstones are commercially manufactured. We need to say no more; that vouches for its toughness.

Lastly, the white polyurethane rubber strap! There's a lot of thought that went into it; apart from matching the colours of a vast range of outfits, it can be worn round-the-season and in any weather without marring its looks!