Iconic Jewelry Pieces In Film


Cinema is, and will continue to be, a source for fashion inspiration to the world. This fashion inspiration includes not only fancy black dresses or tuxedos, but the jewelry pieces that drive films and their plots along. As you look for jewelry appraisals in Michigan, take a moment to examine the gems and pearls that inspired movie magic.

The Pink Panther

For anyone who might be mistaken, the Pink Panther is a large and very valuable pink diamond that is stolen in two of the Pink Panther films, the first of which was released in 1963 alongside the original appearance of Peter Sellers' bumbling French police character, Jacques Clouseau. The name for this diamond comes from a flaw in its center, which looks like a leaping panther when examined very closely.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Marilyn Monroe had many iconic moments in her lifetime, and this is film captures one of them. There's a scene in which she is covered in diamonds, along with her pink dress and gloves, and we come to fully appreciate her song, “Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend,” while a flock of suiters dangle strips of fabric laced with diamonds her way.


The famous jewel in this film is a central plot point that gives the explorers from the past an excuse to really discover more about what happened with the Titanic. This legendary stone, The Heart of the Ocean, is worn by the main character Rose, and is said to have been once owned by King Louis XVI. It is a large blue diamond cut into the shape of a heart.

The James Bond Series

One of Rolex's top selling watch models may be so popular in part from its appearance in the earlier James Bond films. From the very first of the films, the Rolex Submariner was the watch of choice for the popular Bond character. This watch was originally designed as a diving watch in 1954, and most of the first watch users were in the military. However, Bond's use of the watch in the earlier films helped launch it into mainstream popularity.

Pretty Woman

Fairy tale makeovers are always fun, and as part of Julia Roberts' in this film she is presented with a jewelry box for the final touch to her evening gown outfit. It's a custom piece by French jeweler Fred Joaillier, and the necklace is made with 23 pear cut rubies, each framed by diamonds and set in 18k white gold.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

This film is the epitome of iconic cinema. Holly Golightly's haute couture Givenchy black dress and long gloves wouldn't have been the same without her necklace and hairpiece. The Tiffany's necklace with the pearl strands and the diamond centerpiece perfectly matched the sparkling hair ornament she also wore.

It is true in cinema just as it is true in life. Jewelry and accessories can be the finished touch that pulls a look together and makes it something truly iconic. This is a good thing to bear in mind for your next night out, as well as for when you look for jewelry appraisals in Michigan.