Hublot Watches Above The Fashion Trend


The company MDM Geneva, under the name of Carlo Crocco, was established in 1980. Carlo wanted to create and design a watch that was elegant, innovative, and sporty and most of all, above all the fashion trend nonsense of the day. His creation was the Hublot watch.

The original Hublot Geneve watch was modeled after a ship's porthole in the shape of its watch face. Made with materials that produced the cleanest and most elegant of lines, the watch used screws made of titanium which anchored the bezel and casing together. Once Carlo Crocco was pleased with the fluidity and design of the watch face and casing, he felt that plain old leather just would not do for the watchstrap.

His answer to this dilemma was rubber. The first Hublot watch utilized a groundbreaking type of rubber. This rubber Hublot watchstrap was very durable, light, sinuous and resistant to corrosion. In addition, the rubber strap was reinforced with hidden inserts of steel.

This rubber strap coupled with the elegant clean lines of a black watch face and the strength of metals for the casing made for quite a splash in its inaugural introduction. At first, many critics did not know what to make of this bold new design and material. However, the Hublot captured the imagination of many famous people.


In just a few years, the Hublot watch catapulted the company into the intimate cozy company of other famous Swiss watchmakers. It was not until the 1990's that other watchmakers picked up the trend of the innovation rubber wrist strap. This rubber strap continues to be the hallmark of this watch company.

You will discover many articles on Hublot simply because of their revolutionary vision of their first Hublot watch. And one thing you will realize is that all of the company's watches are remarkable. Take the Hublot professional series of watches. Each one is unique and yet offers the classic, forward-thinking style of the company. You can find Hublot women's and ladies watches for sale as well as men's Hublot watches for sale too.

Among those Hublot articles you read, you will also likely peruse through some testimonials. It is always interesting to read about Hublot watch stories and what these Luxury Watches For Men mean to other people.

Of course, as with any other excellent product, you will find Hublot replicas on the market. Most likely, these fake Hublot replica watches are found on the internet where quality control and policing is not really enforced. Don't be fooled by these replicas. Only buy Hublot Branded Watches from an authorized dealer or order straight from the company.